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What do you call it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by budburner, Jan 12, 2001.

  1. I was wondering what your code words are for ganja?

    I just ask "Got anything goin on"

    Yes = got some

    no = don't have any

    Works for me!

    Peace [​IMG]
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  3. Hey, if you don't ever have to talk over the phone to get weed, I'm in envy!
    So you must grow it if you don't have to use code words (unless you just plain ol' say "got any weed for sale".

  4. i used to do that, but not sence i dont smoke as often i just say "got dope" in public or privte, i dont care if people here that too.

  5. grow my own now, have for a while, but we used to ask, "hey, do you have that green sweatshirt?" everybody knew about the green sweatshirt
  6. never herd of green sweatshirt. creative tho. welcomt to the board duzt!

  7. We would ask- how is the weather? if it was
    good, there was weed to be smoked, if the weather was bad,well.... it sucked [​IMG]
  8. the weather has benn bad at my house sence early december [​IMG]

  9. Usually if my frineds and I want to toke we say we are "Going to walk the dog". I dont recall how this started but we still use it till this day.
  10. With me and my friends it's just, "Want to go shoot some pool?" and of course if their interested... or if their not....

    you get the picture
  11. in ny city there are people you can call and you tell them you want "chicken" and where you live.. then they call you when they are nearby and you run down to close the deal..

    unfortunately i live in long island. [​IMG]
  12. Around here we usually just call and say, "What's up? Are you happening?" [​IMG]

    Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!
  13. High all :D

    Well around here me an my bro's are mechanics an we use tools as the source or info..Got a 1/2 inch wrench..You got tools..
    even use tool boxes to get it home ..If it's alot..That's my 2 bits worth.. :D
  14. Good idea, Pan. I've always wanted a perfect way to communicate amounts via telephone. Tool size works great, if you're in America. Do any other countries use the old English measurements?
  15. i just say
    "hey have you heard that new CD "

    Yes = have weed

    No = Don't have weed :eek:
  16. I grow my own now but all I used to say was "you holdin?"

    Come on over= yes I am selling.
    Sorry man not till ____= Picking up when ever they told me.
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  17. #17 Smokey!, Mar 22, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2010
    Im all about growin my own shit now, but when i used grab shit it was always chronic, doja, herb, fruit, cabbage, spinache, La, or green/purple.
  18. You guys know that these post are nine years old?lol
  19. Oh well, contribute to a 9 yr old thread. LOL. We call them concert tickets on the phone. DO you have any 8th row seats, 4th row seats, etc...
  20. honestly i don't see why people make a big deal about bumping old threads... everyone will always raz people for not searching but when they do and reply they get shit on???

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