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What do you call it...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BluntsOrDie, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. #1 BluntsOrDie, Mar 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2012
    ... when you smoke and drive. I have moved around a little and have noticed that people call it different things everywhere I go:smoke:.

    Ive heard:

    Boone (comes from "boonies" which are country roads)
    Burn n Turn
    Country Drive
    and a few more I cant think of right now.

    What do you call it??
  2. burn cruise or burn run...

    that's about all we ever call it
  3. If its a blunt, its an "L-ride".
  4. hhahaha cruising I guess
  5. a blunt cruise...or just a cruise if a blunt is not involved
  6. Space cruise
    Smoke ride
  7. Blunt Ride
  8. driving high


  9. haha Ive heard this one. And a blunt is my favorite thing when im on a drive.
  10. blunt= "blunt ride" or "L" ride.
    joint= "j ride"
  11. ya know me and pretty much everyone ive ever met cals it "smoking a joint while we drive" or "blazing while we drive" lol, we find it stupid to make up gay names for things, we call it how it is.
  12. I call it "driving."
  13. I hardly ever smoke and drive because that is how I got fucked the first time, but when I do we usually call it something simple like a blunt ride or just say lets smoke and drive.
  14. I call it dangerous :/
  15. Well when I drive high I usually take my space ship so if I had to name it something I'd go with stellar cruisin'
  16. Usually if we're going to smoke while in motion, we just say we're going to cruise a bowl...other than that we just say romping or having a driving fest lol
  17. Really?!?!?!? Nobody else calls it a roadie? Thats ALLLLLLLLLL. Ive heard in my area. All this is cool. Burn n turn is a cool one tho. Imma try to make that the new roadie
  18. Let's cruise a blunt
  19. Me and my friends call it a joy ride

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