what do you always carry with you?

Discussion in 'General' started by DamnxSarah, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Like in a backpack that you bring, or messanger bags, or for girls, purses;
    What do you always keep in there?

    I keep at least one liter, a bottle of water, scissors, finger nail clippers (don't ask), mints/gum, and chapstick.

    What about you guys?
  2. I'm always unprepared... Never really "always" have something on me. And you spelled lighter wrong.

  3. Body parts
  4. The weight of the world.

    That and about ten inches of pure Alabama black snake.
  5. A couple poke balls and that rice shit with black strip. Oh and 2 talismans..
  6. Wallet, car keys, and my phone. i dont carry anything else on me unless im at school.
  7. left pocket is my phone
    right pocket is a pack of marlboro blacks and a lighter and sometimes loose change and/or receipts, also a pencil or pen
    back right is my wallet
    back left are my keys and usually some important piece of paper. something that needs to be signed, somethin like that. my pockets are my folders ahaha
  8. Phone, wallet, butts+lighter, my dick
  9. Ummm... connected with weed? Well blunt, underrolling paiper,spitfire (bong), lighter and ofc :
  10. that's the riskiest pocket:eek:!

    Anyways i ALWAYS carry some water and normal homemade cookies. Also Gum,my phone, car keys, Medical Card, recommendation and wallet

  11. In which pocket are you bringing water?
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  12. wallet,keys, pocket knife, lighter, change
  13. Will I get banned if I post a picture of a FleshLight?
  14. My phone is annoyingly attached to my hip. :(
    Where I go, my phone goes.
  15. [quote name='"blazethatgreen"']Will I get banned if I post a picture of a FleshLight?[/quote]

    You'll get banned if you DON'T post a pic of your fleshlight.
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  16. [quote name='"DankBarbie"']

    You'll get banned if you DON'T post a pic of your fleshlight.[/quote]

    Nice tits
  17. Keys, phone, wallet, cigs, lightro
  18. Wallet, phone, keys

    Nothing else is regular but sometimes I'll have some bud and lighter and paraphernalia.

    I also have some important papers or something I gotta hold on to.
  19. the obvious 3 keys wallet and phone.

    then a razor blade and another kershaw blade for work. always opening cheeses, boxes and random shit.

    But the backpack, thats a different story ;) I dont keep it on me, but its never far away. :p
  20. Phone
    Weed(most of the time)
    lighter(if I don't forget the damned thing)

    List will change once I get back to america though ahha

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