What do y'all think about one world currency?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by letsmokeasweet, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. So I was wondering how would y'all feel about everywhere in the world sharing the same currency? They have the bitcoin..they converted all of Europe under one so it kind of started.
    Me im fascinated when I go to mexico and something like lunch is a few dollars as opposed to 50$ in the us. Then again you have China supposly changing the value of their currency so everythingnis cheap for them so I bet some would think it would be fairer for poorer countries i dont know. What do yall think????
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  2. The Euro isn't working well, and while my understanding of this is amateur, it has to do with regulating monetary value vs regulating financial policy in each country that uses the currency

    Greece is a really good study of why this doesnt work, here is an excellent video breaking it down for beginners:

    Again though, I have no expertise regarding economics, so I can only parrot people who put best words on the reality I see

    (BitCoin seperates itself by being completely unregulated outside of a mathematical formula to control supply/demand of the currency. I both use and support BTC!)
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  3. As long as a government or Central Bank is involved it is a horrible idea. This should be blatantly obvious by now. I am a big fan of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies as well as trading in gold. Agorism, big fan of agorism. If everyone in the world used gold or Bitcoin then that probably wouldn't be a bad idea at all. I'm no economist and my knowledge of this is also amateur but I do know every time a government or Central Bank gets involved everyone gets fucked.
  4. Let's get rid of currency and start sharing and become minimalists. That's what I think :)

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  5. Crypto currencies have the future, Bitcoin of course, but more interesting these two new ones Ether, Ethereum Project and XPC, Counterparty
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  6. Do you think cryptocurrency will ever become standard, or do you think banks will realize it's potential and move to co-opt it?

    (Sorta like netflix did with internet downloads of movies/tv)
  7. A "one world currency" is something that was prophesied thousands of years ago to occur at the end of time. If you've never had any Christian teaching, then I'm sure it sounds funky and weird. But prophecy says that along with a one world government, a one world currency would be set into place...and from then on, it's pretty much down hill unless you know Jesus as your Savior. That's not what I "think" about a one world currency, it's what I know. Now when exactly it will come into play, I do not know because God said that nobody would or could know the time of the end except for Him. But just wait...it's coming, and not far away either. Things are happening all over the earth that line up with prophecy from thousands of years ago. Soooooo....better get ready. TWW
  8. Aye as long as the queen is on it i dont care.

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  9. Why, if i may ask, do you think gold is a good trading currency? Is it inherently valuable? thanks
  10. Gold has no value as such, nor has paper money, but Gold like bitcoins or similar cryptocurrencies have a limited supply are less prone to inflation, atm the world is flooded with paper money, it will be interesting where this "experiment" of our central bankers will lead too.

    In regards to gold, crypto money can have the same value as gold if perceived as a currency and crypto currency is much easier to transfer between places/people than gold.
  11. I think the banks will not be able to ignore blockchain technology , imo there will be some middle ground where crypto currencies will be regulated.

    Never the less I consider these blockchain technologies in the same league as the invention of the internet and the mobile phone revolution.

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