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Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. for those of you tired about hearing stories of me and girls, quit reading now hahaha. for the rest of you, tell me what you think.

    most of you should know my story of girl one and girl two by now (girl one is gf that i love, loves me too, girl two is other girl that loves me that i also love... only not romantically like girl one...)

    so girl two wants me to come to Nanaimo with her tomorrow. Its on vancouver island, a quick ferry ride and short drive away. come back the next day. Now id love too, as i havent seen her in loooooooong time. BUT, girl one will obviously be jealous and not like this. BUT2 the point of the trip is to go to girl twos Boyfriends hockey game, so its not like ill be sleeping with her or anything... BUT3 it seems like she cheats on ALOT of her other BFs, so im pretty sure shed try to seduce me...

    So i know its very apparent that i should go as badness will likely come from it. BUT4 i really want to hang out with her!! BUT5 shed be hard to resist, and knowing i have a gf that i love, would not give up untill i totally rejected her and she slapped me, that is... IF she tries to get with me in the first place.

    BAH!!! damn adam, stop getting in these situations. I dont think im gonna go... but man, that sucks. wish i could have both!!!!!

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