What do women look for?

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  1. My photography prof decided that I should tell the class what guys look for in girls and she and the rest of the girls in the class seemed a bit shocked not just at the honesty with which I answered but also by what guys like. This got me thinking, what exactly do you chicks look for that would surprise us guys? By this I mean what looks, attitude, wealth, clothes, age, etc do you prefer? Anything unusual that you find attractive, like a specific smell or color or something. And I dont mean specific fettishes, just what in general can you chicks agree on that would make a guy in a club catch your attention. I ask this purely out of curiosity since I was quite surprised by the reactions when the question was reversed. For example, after asking dozens of girls which cologne they like I found that the majority said armani code and that shit works miracles.
  2. Evolutionarily speaking, women are attracted to status.
  3. I'm a woman.

    I don't specifically look for anything except for a feeling. I want to feel a mutual spark.

    I suppose if you're talking about the physical aspects, I look for uncommon things. The first guy that I realllllly reallllllllllly liked had redish hair and a big but cute nose. Now whenever I see a guy with either of those features my heart melts.

    I also like guys that are cute, not necessarily handsome or sexy. The cute ones are kind and funny.
  4. hmmm for non-physical aspects i would say....has the ability to think deep thoughts, has a soul, has respect for women (none of that go make me a sandwich, women! shit), has strong opinions on things but is open-minded, seems to passionate about things, & and is considerate of other people. and has appreciation for music!! :D

    and for physical aspects, this is entirely personal preference and varies from person to person but i'll say it anyway i usually am only attracted to a guy if they have long hair, i like full lips, and a cute smile, has a laid-back style. oh and i think gaps are aaadooorrrraaabbbleeeeee :love:

  5. I'm not saying in anyway that i'm your guy, but for the non-physical aspects, thats myself in a nutshell. But for physical, I don't have long hair, Idk about the lips?, and I have a decent smile, but I have some crooked teefers, getting braces in a month (Which sucks cause I'm 22, yeah I'm one of those guys)
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    I'm a guy, but...

    I'd have to agree, women are mostly attracted to status, confidence, and looks (see bsuttoi's answer)... At least from my experience.

    And I hope there are women out there that are different (and I know a bunch may SAY they're different, but really?).

    Anyways, what the fuck was your answer?
  7. 1. Height
    2. Swag

    That is all
  8. I pay a lot of attention to a guys voice. If he has a smooth, rich voice I'll swoon.
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    This is what I notice..
    First impressions: how he carries himself, physical fitness/takes care of himself, a nice smile, politeness/manners, And least of all, style (clothes, cars, etc)

    A little more in depth: intelligence and street smarts, similar interests/hobbies, his type/sense of humor, what he likes to talk/think about, what he does for fun, physical chemistry

    A little more: silly, easy-going, creative, a dreamer, a thinker, passionate, dreams/goals, logical/rational instead of immature, sensual, sexy, loves music like I do, not dramatic

    Basically within the first 10 minutes of meeting, it's obvious if we're vibin or not. Most guys never make it past first impressions Cus they are just scared.
    P.S, even a simple smile is a good way to get things started. If a guy gives me a nice kind, smile, and walks over to say hi, I have no choice but to say hi and smile back.

  10. Omg yes this too. There is nothing sexier than a really deep voice :love:
  11. [quote name='"LHiver"']I pay a lot of attention to a guys voice. If he has a smooth, rich voice I'll swoon.[/quote]

    You'll be all over me then.
  12. Confidence is second only to a sense of humor, but other than that, as someone above me said, there isn't one specific thing that I'm attracted to, as much as a mutual connection or spark.
  13. Thats what I was wondering. Ladies seem to like me, so I'll describe myself.

    I have a decent, hipster-y style, plaids and button downs, tight jeans but not ridiculously tight
    I sing, write songs, and play guitar
    People call me good looking
    I don't work out a lot but I'm thin
    I'm always looking for ways to be nice
    I have strong feelings about certain issues but I try really hard to be open minded
    I'm chill
    People think I'm funny
    I don't try to force things on people
    I'm really introspective without being overbearing

    Yeah. I don't have fantastic self esteem but I'm happy with myself :hello:

  14. I totally believe you.
    An acquaintances wife almost raped me cause she said my voice made her melt.:confused:
    Thanks but no thanks.......... but to bad she wasn't single at the time:eek:

    coincidentally............that's a big factor in what attracts me to the opposite sex.

    Michelle really does it for me. :love:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0GgpI0yYLU]Santana feat. Michelle Branch - The Game Of Love - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Sound of voice and tone is important, must be able to make me laugh, so a sense of humor I can get, height and oral health (I will not date a guy with bad teeth, save some money and get some dental work done)

  16. It's the weirdest thing, If a guy has a nice voice I just want to get close to him. :rolleyes: I've been told I have a nice voice. Although I think it's average. In the past I've had guys wanting me to say cuss words or just talk on and on because they like the sound of it.
  17. they look for me
  18. I like guys who are nice to everyone. And can make me laugh.
    Also, longer hair gets me every time. Like Blake from Workaholics :yummy:
    And a fit/average body. Which might be shallow, but being in shape shows that they take care of themselves, which I think is important. Plus, I don't want to suffocate on a beer belly while I'm going down on a dude. Nasty.
  19. that sucks. how long do you have to have them on for? i should get braces, i dont need* them but my teeth could use some straightening, maybe i should do it now while its covered under insurance
  20. Hmmm I feel like this won't help much because every girl definitely has different taste.

    But for me good hygiene (the non-negotiable) and men who just... don't try too hard to impress me. Honestly I flirt around and guys do chase me often, I find it so refreshing when a guy just enjoys my company and doesn't try to impress. A guy that is confident enough to know that he is in charge in the situation and won't go out of his way to do stupid things to get me. But like I said, I know MANY of my friends wouldn't agree on this.

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