what do u like to do whilst stoned?

Discussion in 'General' started by PhYsCo AcTiVe, May 14, 2004.

  1. i like to play basketball with a friend of mine,,,,and eat and ummmm eat some more...lol
  2. umm i lik to sit and chill out to some floyd. highgirly that sounds more painful then fun but hey what do i know.
  3. I like to rape and pillage whilst stoned.

  4. LMAO my friends always used to get high and play basketball and i use to sit and watch it was funny (especially cuz i was high you know) to watch them because they had such slow reflexes and not payin attention and ya they suck high lol :D
  5. My favorite thing to do while stoned is drive around detroit with my friends listenen to rap real loud with a system and just chill and clam bake. Oh man i love it. Its the life. :)
  6. I like riding past the Nabisco factory when they are baking. Mmmmmmmm If only they smelled that good after you buy them.

    Sex is another fun activity stoned. So is watching TV, playing video games, caring for the garden, and believe it or not....exercising. Seriously. I can run further when I'm high then when i'm sober. I can't lift as much, but cardio is kick ass stoned.:)

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