What do they do when its all over?

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  1. So i've been playing in bands as long as I can remember, and I'm in a couple right now here locally. I was thinking, all those Post-hardcore/punk/whatever like attack attack, we came as romans, in fear and faith...silverstein...they all have a HUGE following, and tour non-stop it seems. But they don't really make that much money from what I understand, I hear they are pretty much broke throughout their tours. So what do they do when they are 27-28 and its all over? They have no money, no college degree, no job, and no one to play for...are they just fucked?
  2. actually I think most artist get most of their money from touring, I thinks it's the album sales they get fucked over on
  3. Even so, do they make enough to live off of when its all said and done? Or is it back to school and work?
  4. im guessing they wont continue playing if they know they wont make it big. idk.
  5. i know a lot of punk kids in bands that are pretty big locally that have no money/degree/jobs etc, live in shanty houses lol

    who knows what they will do, i guess work at burger king or something
  6. well when its all over at 27/28 the most talented member dies, usually involving drugs or suicide, one guy falls out with the rest and makes a new, lame band, then the two uncool dudes of the band make a new band.

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