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what do these items do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iRaffica, May 22, 2010.

  1. spoon

    sorry but i thought id get the best answer in this. Can you explain what each of them do.
  2. you smoke from them? idk what your looking for

    also this should be in the apprentice tokers section
  3. [​IMG]

    Spoon pipes are the most simple piece of paraphernalia, usually with a choke on the side.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The one on the left is what we call a sherlock bubbler. I consider bubblers a mix between a spoon pipe and a bong, because they're still small but you can put water in them. The sherlock stands vertically while the bubbler on the left, the hammer bubbler goes horizontally. Also has a choke on the side like the spoon.


    You also asked about a sidecar bubbler. I've never owned one myself, but they usually come with multiple chambers (i've seen some with up to four) that are each filled with water which cools the smoke more efficientally than a sherlock or a hammar.

    I hope this helped.
  4. Dude that sidecar bubbler looks absurd! :eek:
  5. A spoon is a bowl used to smoke out of.
    A hammer and bubbler are the same things. They both are bowls which have an area for water in them, allowing the smoke to be cooled before entering your lungs.
    Sidecars are bowls, however the bowl is located on the side of the mouthpiece rather than the top.
    Sherlocks are a specific type of a bowl defined by their design.
  6. Just be sure, if you get one of these bad boys, get a really large size, because the really miniature ones... are really, impossible to use, without burning your eyelashes or something stupid. Seriously, laws of physics, lol.
  7. This isn't completely true. Some Hammers are specifically made to be dry.

    SPOON - Dry piece. Shape is exactly like it's name. It looks like a spoon.


    BUBBLER (or simply "bub") - A pipe in any variety of shapes and sizes but the part that you pack the weed into (the bowl) has a downstem leading to water to cool off your herb.

    HAMMER - A style of a pipe that resembles a hammer. Can be both dry or water-filtered.


    SIDECAR - Sort of like a hammer, except the bowl part would be on either side of the mouthpiece instead of at the end.



    A pipe that was designed after the style of tobacco pipe that the famous "Sherlock Holmes" would smoke. Can also be either dry or wet (Stemless).

  8. also, I think, a hammer, in its proximity to the bubbler design, can be known as a bubbler, as well. Just, I've witnessed such a thing colloquially and have witnessed my own desire to call the thing a bubbler, just because... well, whatever. I uh... yah, because it bubbled and a long time ago SWIM had a friend who had great bubba kush and they'd bubble together and commune.

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