What do the cops in your town drive?

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  1. What type of car is used as the standard police squad car in your city?
    Post a pic.
    You can probably Google it if you aren't sure.

    My town, Peterborough:

    Dodge Chargers


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    I've been pulled over, detained, spoken to or questioned by a cop in every one of them.


  3. The charger wagons are supa nice in the back...well the one i was in.
  4. we have like 10+ police interceptors
    1 cab
    4 undercover police interceptors
    2 chargers
    1 mustang
    1 bronco
    1 undercover mini van
    1 f350 superduty
    a silver dodge ram on black 22"'s undercover task force
    a black dodge magnum on black 22"s undercover task force
  5. Only Crown Victorias
  6. Crown Vics for the most part;


    The occasional Charger;

    SUVs that look something like this (couldn't find a real picture of them);

    Closer to home it's these guys I gotta watch out for;

    They've got the Chargers and SUV's too though.

    The dreaded Sheriff's;

    And then there's the spiffy undercover cars that everyone loves.

    I've seen some trucks around lately too which is kinda weird. I usually only see them on the coast.
  7. [​IMG]
    those are the guys i see most of the time
  8. At my home town in NY there is both a local police station and state police station within like 2 mins of each other. They both mostly use those really stealthy lookin crown vics that are low to the ground with no visible lights on them. Some SUVs too but not many.

    Although I have never seen this, I found it on the local police website...prolly just something they use in the warm months on main street since the station is on main street...


    Where I live now in college, these are all I have seen so far, they are pretty nice lookin.

  9. Mostly vics but they got some tahoes, 5 undercover chargers, a couple undercover magnuums, a minivan and a pontiac grand am... they also got a couple of undercover old ass beaters with cops that look like they blaze that will hold up their fingers in the smoking a j motion to you to see if you bite
  10. They've got Dodge Chargers, Dodge Stratus, 05+ Ford Mustang GT's, One 2003/2004 Ford SVT Cobra, Ford Taurus's, Ford Crown Victorias, Chevy Impalas new and older, Chevy Tahoes (2009s) , Chevy Silverados new and old style.
  11. well, i don't wanna post my exact hometown.
    but the cops here in suburban metro denver drive really nice 2007 chargers.
  12. Ford Taurus's, Ford Crown Victorians, Chevy Impalas with turbos in them they really haul ass.:devious: new and older, they also have these electric 2 seater cars that the ticket fairies drive.
  13. In my city they mostly drive Chevy Impala's and Dodge Chargers. I see a VW beetle sometimes, as well as SUVs. They also have vans, motor cycles, bikes, boats and helis but im not too familiar with them.
  14. Dodge Chargers are the next standard. Most big cities have already started.
  15. I get in squabbles with this lady


    hahah, oh well..shes nice and loves my attitude..

    seems like Crown Vics, and Chargers are the general vehicles for erryone..those are the same ones we got here in seattle.. Got the gang van..and these guys that post on the beach during the summer.. in a large van that is a portable station consisting of like 3 cells on the inside..its super drastic..

    i searched for quite a while and couldnt find any flicks of this thing.:(
  16. Nothing is worse than the Redmond Chargers. Those assholes will follow you everywhere waiting for an excuse to get ya.
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    such troubles to go through...
    that's basically it. think we might still have a couple of the old blue and white ones, but i'm not sure.
  18. yeah, fuck em...07 chargers and 05 tahoes in Littleton, same up in Boulder

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