What do people think about gun rights?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by HeadyNugs420, May 26, 2010.

  1. Should we have the right to bear arms? What does this right entail? What about concealed carry in public areas?

    I personally support the right to bear arms strongly. I believe in the natural right to revolution and that if a government is oppressive then the governed have the right to replace it by force. This is only possible with a right to bear arms, making that right the last check on a tyrannical government. This is one reason I support military guns being available for private ownership legally. I also support the right to carry a concealed firearm, as it protects not only yourself, but those around you, as a deterrent from violent crime.

    What do you guys think? Some intelligent debate would be nice because I sure as hell can't find it with the people around me.
  2. I think most people on GC would support gun rights. Most of the lefties here will question if you're a racist, a homophobe, etc. Just ignore 'em.
  3. Lets see I put total responsibility for myself in the hands of myself. So yes I need a gun to protect myself sufficiently.

    The police can't protect you alll the time.
  4. of course...gotta prepair for NWO
  5. I was given a lifetime membership to the NRA at birth.

  6. ...You just mentioned the NWO and couldn't spell prepare. Oy.

    And I am one of the lefties, and no, I don't think you're a homophobe (it hasn't come up) and I have no reason to think you're a racist, but I don't support gun rights.

  7. Care to explain your position?
  8. i dont really like guns because any dumbass can kill someone with a gun, and way too many who shouldnt have guns get their hands on them anyway

    but i completely agree with you on keeping guns for personal protection/ a revolution, and i will probably even get a little dinky one eventually just in case of a police state

  9. Not really, I've gone through enough 10-post long debates on this forum, and I realized it's not really worth the time. He asked my stance, I stated it.
  10. I am uncomfortable with guns. I don't like them, I positively hate them. I am of the opinion that the more weapons we have, the more murders go down and the more guns are produced so people can 'protect themselves' from murder, which is basically a big ugly cycle of violence and shit.

    BUT, gun prohibition will never, ever work - people are going to get guns if they want them, guns that likely don't meet any kind of safety requirement and are obtained from shady dealers. It's also quite unethical to tell people they can't arm themselves if they so choose to - who are you to tell them? Presumably, you've got a gun or some other means of forcefully telling them "No, you can't own that gun because I say so"... and this is disgustingly hypocritical.

    So, while being uncomfortable with it, I support gun rights. I'm in favour of a 'no guns county' model, where counties/municipalities who vote against the ownership of guns in the area can restrict them and manage that themselves - let the people regulate what they do as far as these matters are concerned. So yes, I despise guns but somewhat begrudgingly support gun rights :p
  11. Pragmatism at it's best.

  12. I believe in gun rights, but also in gun control.
  13. I love guns. I would like a Wild West style gun system, but there's really no need for that and people couldn't handle it today.

    So yeah, I support gun rights.

    But no bear arms. What am I supposed to do with those?
  14. In places like Japan where guns are outlawed, murder are still rampant. Its not the gun that kills people, its the person.

    What do you mean by "gun control". All it usually means is hindering the ability of law abiding people to own a gun, since criminals are going to break the law.
  15. This ^^. Criminals and those who choose to break the law will always have guns whether they are outlawed or not. This would only make things worse for law abiding citizens who now cant protect themselves, as drone said. And if the government has them, i should too. Im not putting my self in any position where i could be "controlled". We wouldn't even be a country had we not the means to form a militia. And Like a previous poster said, guns don't kill people, Shitty people do...
  16. Even if all the guns in the world mysteriously disappeared people would still kill each other with knives or rocks or whatever they can find.

    People who kill people will kill people regardless. Restriction prevents only accidents, or unintentional mishandling. But again, that happens no matter what.

    Information is the most powerful tool, not restriction.
  17. Fuck yeah, gun rights. I support common sense gun control (kids can't buy guns, maybe people shouldn't be allowed to own RPGs or tactical nukes, gun safety tests, etc) but guns are fun and then there's the tired, boring, jesus christ we get it argument that criminals are going to get them anyway, which is right.
  18. People own guns with the sole intention of mortally wounding / killing someone, it's the onyl thing that they can do. As a pacafist no I don't support guns, But the prospect of leaving all of the weapons in the ahnds of soldiers seems poorly conceived, so yes i support gun rights, but not guns.
  19. pfft..

    how about....


    Target Shooting

    Skeet Shooting

    Trap Shooting


    I am one of those tho believes that guns, drugs, cars, planes, explosives, etc. etc. are not the CAUSE of any behavior. Just because these things are dangerous - does not mean the government has the right to forbid the use of them.

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