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What do i need

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bobby tokin, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I've been reading threads for a couple hours a day for a couple days. I'm learning a lot but essentially I would really just like a list of everything ill need to start ill be buying a 50 sq foot shed soon and would like to know what exactly ill need. Thanks in advance for advice this thread may not be original but couldn't find another
  2. Most of the stuff I know i just don't want to forget anything critical
  3. There isn't a list. It'd be like being able to find a list online of all the things you'll need to raise a child.

    For one, needs will be subjective to different environments. I might use stuff that you aren't using.

    Also, I don't think anybody on here wants to type up exactly what they use down to the power strips and stuff.

    Only you can figure out what you'll need.

    The obvious basics are:

    For the most part, lighting you simply size to your room. Medium is a personal choice. For a beginner, soil is nice but coco is also acceptable and easy to maintain.

    There are plenty of nutrients to choose from, I personally stick with 1 part formulas for simplicity. CNS17 is cheap and easy but it needs a lot of mixing. It's a thick formula, so I always threw a pump in my feed solution overnight to dissolve it properly. Otherwise, there'd be salt buildup on my coco. I had issues with my Dyna-Gro solidifying in the bottom of the container and causing problems.

    I'd like to be thanked post thread from now on. Being "thanked in advance" is cheating.
  4. Better rope or small chain to hang things with is high on my list of things overlooked. The yo yo hangers most lights come with don't exactly fill me with confidence.

    What I did was look at one of the "ready to run" kits available and pieced together most things included in them using an amazon shopping cart, and vents/rope locally. Those were oddly tough to find in the right size for some reason, actually had to dig around a home improvement goodwill type of place.
  5. Well thank you sir wasn't trying to not have my thanks be insincere. But you helped a ton thank you.
  6. Thank you I have pretty good access to lots of different sizes of ropes and chains at my local hardware store about 25 varieties of each

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