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  1. High everyone. I am a first time grower and I want to start growing for myself. I was trying to get suggestions as to what supplies I need. I am going to grow indoors and I was looking at complete hydro kits. I want a complete kit to where I receive it and start growing that day. I have absolutely nothing now. I am not a doctor or lawyer so I can't shell out 1000s of dollars however I am willing to do what it takes to get the best for me. I would be storing it in a closet or small room. Also I need info on where to buy some good seeds without getting ripped off. I'd appreciate any advice on what to get and from where. Remember I need everything. I would like to do a "one stop shop" for everything but the seeds if possible. Thanks for the help. Any other ideas to what I may need also would be helpful. I'm open to all and any suggestions
  2. Also if you knew the prices so I can get an idea would be awesome as well. Thanks everyone

  3. Great site man. Much thanks. Problem is I have no idea where to start. Which would be the best for my buck.. all look affordable on the complete kits. I want to have a supply for myself without running out. I usually go through a half to an oz a week. Any idea on what kind of seeds to get and how many plants to grow to keep up with my demand
  4. Problem is I have no idea where to start.

    Why dont you do some reading, be a big boy and make some of your own decisions instead of asking everybody else to do your homework for you?

    In the long run you might actually have an idea as to what to do instead of failing miserably immediately.

    Your call.

  5. Why don't u kiss my ass. If u don't want to help then get te fuck. I have been reading on it. Just was trying to get ideas from other ppl. Isn't that the point of this site. Go do something useful instead of critizing everything.
  6. Problem is I have no idea where to start.

    Problem is I have no idea where to start.

    Why dont you do some reading, be a big boy and make some of your own decisions instead of asking everybody else to do your homework for you?

    In the long run you might actually have an idea as to what to do instead of failing miserably immediately.

    Your call.


    Hehehe. Are you sure you're old enough to be here?
  7. Um yea I'm pretty sure. Do u have to say and ask stupid questions. Look I'm not going to argue over the internet dude so if u don't have anything helpful to say then just go read something else. I'm trying to get at someone who has done this before and has any USEFUL info.
  8. Go with the biggest one you can fit somewhere and don't cheap out on it or you'll just upgrade it later and be wasting money...my $.02. And the tents don't cover odor control fyi. I'd get the 4x4 600w if you can. Sounds like you have a ton of reading and research to do. Do you want soil or hydro, what strain(s) to grow, ventilation, cooling, nutes, odor control(they'll stink up the whole house), etc. There's so much planning involved for a quality setup and you will always want more haha. I started with cfl's and upgraded to hps. Plan on a good $800-$1,000 for what you will need.
  9. Just make a box out of ply wood, make it like 2'x2'x4 put 2 or 3 small desk fans pointing out, 2 pointing in, and 1 on your lights or right above the plant your growing. Go buy some daylight cfl's for veg, soft white for flowering. U need like 8 cfl's (23w) per plant, about 3 to start off with. U can get the wood, lights, light hoods + fixtures, mylar, fans, pots. Just everything you need from HOMEDEPOT. and trust me for a first time grow cfl's will do just fine, get the hang of things before u go spend $600 on a tent your first time
  10. Jerry's a good guy on here and I do agree with him. Ultimately, you have a lot of work planning your grow. What you should do is come up with a game plan and post it in the growroom design section. This way people can see your particulars and give you suggestions. I spent weeks planning my flower closet and am so glad I did.
  11. No doubt buda. I appreciate that. And yes I know I have alot of research to do. But I had this app on my fone and used it plenty of times. I just figured it would be a good place to start. Anyway its just an idea in my head and I can't put into action for ab one more month. I'm a single guy with a house to myself so odor is not a major issue to me. Also Canadian sounds like a good plan. I just needed some suggestions being I've always been a user and now wanted to save some money. And being I am fairly new here I trust ur judgement on Jerry. I may have let my have let my emperor he in the way. All in all I appreciate everyone fr reading and the imput
  12. Listen man, I apologize for coming across like a dick. I thought about it and I apologize for doing so.

    I just don't want to see you blindly jumping into something and dumping money and then getting your stuff and not having a clue as to what to do when it arrives.

    Listen to Budabago and come up with a plan. Take some notes. Notes on lighting. Plan your medium. Are you going to use an organic soil? Are you going to use hydroponics? If so, read about pH. Read about plant cycles, veg times, flowering time lengths. Plan your grow areas. Read about and come up with a plan for ventilation.

    You cannot buy a "kit-in-a-box, complete-with-a-book".

    Do your homework. If you don't, and you don't have a plan you WILL fail miserably. Take the advice and don't jump into this until you are ready.

    Again, I apologize for being "rough around the edges".


  13. No big deal jerry. Same here. I understand where u were coming from. I'm just looking to put this plan into motion sometime soon. And ur right I haven't done all my homework yet but believe me I'm working on it. I was looking into hydro but yea more research will be involved. And yea u and budabago made some great points. That's why I'm here. I want to learn and I will listen to what y'all are saying. Thanks guys
  14. Great thanks jerry
  15. If its for a small room or closet go with a 3x3 with a 600w hps in a air cooled reflector with a 300-500cfm inline fan(depending on where you live and the temp of air). Then get a 4" inline with a carbon filter(it smells alot more then you think) and its a exhaust and then a 4" inline for intake but make sure it's less cfm then the exhaust. You want a little bit of negative pressure in there. For veg I would use t-5 also. And for the medium you should check out all of Jerry's organic section (best taste ever). But honestly if the electric bills comes to play you could with a 400w instead and it would still be great in a 3x3.
  16. Choosing your gardening method is a very important choice. Many modern gardeners these days like using hydroponic nutrients. This basically involves buying different nutrients, mixing them with water, balancing the pH of this nutrient solution, and feeding it to your plants whether it be in an automated system or simply hand watering in a variety of different mediums.

    Then there is organic soil. This is the method that I personally use now after doing both hydroponics and soil. I personally find that it's easiest, but don't want to make your decision for you either. You really want to pick one or the other, and avoid mixing the two.

    Either method that you use, you really don't want to half-ass it. Buy quality mediums and ingredients. Remember it's like anything else you get out of it what you put into it.

    This is a pretty good thread on store-bought bagged soil - remember if you try growing in junk then you're going to end up with junk - period.

    Stay the hell away from miracle grow.


  17. Yea I read ur post on watering without bottled nutrients and it helped me make my decision. That's they way I'm going to go. I'm going to keep going over it and related post til I get going and even during. Thank for the advice man

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