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    not sure about if this is in the right section but...im pretty sure that i have social anxiety disorder, i wont get into specifics or anything but i match almost every symptom that ive seen when i read about social anxiety...i currently dont have a doctor, ever since i stopped going to a pediatrician (spelling?), i never went to a new doctor. should i try and find one and talk to him/her about it? its really crippling my social life, not to mention its ruining any chance of me getting with a girl/getting to know one, or meeting new people in general. any help is appreciated gc, i dont have anyone else to talk to about personal stuff really so im turning to everyone here..

    edit: i also experience general anxiet, i dont get it all the time but it happens pretty frequently, could social anxiety be stemming from this?
  2. Just by posting this indicates that it is enough of an issue to concern you. I'd do it, especially if you have medical insurance. If you don't, try calling your state human services office and see if there is some sort of a self help group that meets regularly. You'd be surprised at how much just talking with others that feel the same way you do can help you sort out your issues.

    Good luck bro.. let us know how it works out.
  3. thanks for the reply, ill post how everything works out
  4. a few years back i went to the doctor because i felt the same as you. they prescribed me peroxatine(generic version of paxil)..it helped me a lot for a while.. but then i weened myself off and havent needed to tak them for over a year now.
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    im still trying to work up enough balls to talk to my parents about it, i know it may seem like not a big deal to talk to them, but im having alot of anxiety about it.,, i really dont want to be dependant on any sort of pills and that worries me, if i am perscribed something how hard is it going to be to ween myself off of them like what locnar did?

    edit: has anyone else ever had any experience with some sort of talk therapy, or some other type of treatment besides drug therapy?
  6. Find a new doctor and get klonopin. It's what I did.

    And are you 18? I know you are, and you should have no problem going to the doctor alone. Unless you have no insurance/money too, in that case can't help ya.

    Also, Just stop worrying about worrying. I know thats a weird thing to say, but it worked for me. Just try and relax everytime you catch yourself worrying and it will help.
  7. i have severe S.A.D and borderline bi-polarism.

    I just smoke alot of weed and do alot of E.

    Gets me by.

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