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  1. I got into it with my bitch last nite right..zo i slept on tha couch..tired of her mouth right..soi wake up,in the am,and come to find out.my timer malfunctioned and lights stayed on all night.they sere suppose to go off at 8pm..and come bacc on at 8 am..and this bitch didnt say nothin..so im askin what do i do just leave them on till 8 tonite???
  2. yes... i had a similar thing happen to me. power outage and when the power came back on my timer was on all the time. digital timers suck in my opinion. stress will make them hermi... but one day slip should be ok.
  3. nonon on 24 hr light
  4. It aint ur girls fault homi...its the timers. But if you even need to reset the light cycle to a new time or have a malfunction its best to go 24hr dark to reset, not light. If you were vegging it would be 24hr light. The plants need the 12 hrs dark to produce the hormone used for flowering.

    At least that's my opinion. Really you probably will be fine either way if this does not happen often. No biggie. New school analog timers never malfunction. Ones with push button sets.
  5. Bizie is probably right going dark for an extended time til ur next light cycle would be best. And analog FTW! I've ditched my digital ones
  6. Ok thanks for all the advice ima do that

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