What do doctors use to put you out?

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  1. Hello!!! :wave: This question is regarding me getting all 4 wisdom teeth out.. I was wondering what (I know its an Anesthsia) they use. Also anybody here ever had there wisdom teeth out? How was it during the procedure and after. ALSO I was wondering what they perscribe to you ( if they do ) after the procedure, I have heard that it hurts alot :(. Thanks everybody, have a good weekend `Matt` Btw im from canada if that matters
  2. They use Nitrous Oxide.

    And no you will not get any perscribed painkillers after.

    Haha my buddy has a tank of Nitrous at his house and next weekend were doing it :hello:

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  3. Lmao, I tried to make it as general as possible. But yea, Abut the painkillers FUCK. LOL. Thanks alot :wave::smoking:
  4. EDIT: I'll put YOUR ass in the box. :mad:
  5. I guess it depends on what type of insurance you have. When I had three of my wisdom teeth extracted, they shot me up numerous times with Novocaine. It's not a narcotic, it just numbs you the fuck out at the places where they inject it. Afterward though, they gave me some T3s for all the trouble.
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    Fuck yeah they'll give you pain killers. They'll probably start you with Vicodin but if you tell them the Tylenol upsets your stomach they'll likely upgrade you to straight oxy.

    At least, they do here in Washington.
  7. i can't imagine getting 4 teeth pulled and not getting some painkillers.

    i'd be fuckin' pissed.
  8. What are you talking about you wont get painkillers. They gave me 20 Perc 10's at the office as i left. I dont know what anestesia I got tho. It was an injection tho. I was talking to the nurse and then next thing I know im waking up with a mouth full of gauze.
  9. That is wrong. I don't know about what goes on where you are, but everyone that's gotten them out around here gets some pills.
  10. actually they do prescribe painkillers. when i got my wisdom teeth taken out, they gave me loratabs :D
  11. Canada eh? You'd be lucky if they don't screw up on the procedure or on the bill! I got multiple dry sockets and later found out months later than health care wouldn't cover the cost of the extraction.
  12. thats fucked up j-dilla

    looks like canada loves fucking you over.
  13. When I got my wisdom teeth done, they were "floating", so I had to go to a surgeon. I don't know what they gave me, but it was done by IV. It was one of those "woah" moments...
    The nurse put the iv in, shot me up, and told me to count backwards from 10. I got to 8 before everything went fuzzy and dark. lol. When I woke up, I was all alone in the room, and started to panic... I couldn't move anything except my arms, and they were SO heavy... I finally managed to grab a handful of hair to lift and turn my head... and then pulled myself out of the chair and used the wall/cabinets to get to the door to look for signs of life. A nurse happened to walk by and freaked out and put me back in the chair, and then they made me sit there until they brought a wheelchair to take me to a car, at which point I went back to sleep and am not sure how the hell I got back into bed, though my mom says she told me to walk into the house and go to bed, and evidently I did.
    They also gave me like 5 percocets to take home.

    I prefer this type of med over the inhalation of the general anethesia gases... the other times I've had surgery, I always panic "omg, not going to sleep, omg, I'm not going to sleep, going to feel everything, omg" and then it's like a pause and then I'm like "omg, omg, omg, oh, what? It's over? " Not pleasant at all.

    Novacaine and whatever they shoot your gums up with doesn't work on me. The shots hurt more than the procedures, usually. I will feel everything go numb, and then it warms back up and I can still feel everything. The last time I went to the dentist, the sneaky jerk was like "hmm, let's see here... say AW.." and shot me. I cussed at him and he chuckled, and then he did it again... and he was like "does this hurt" and I said "not enough for you to shoot me again, dammit." :p
  14. Well when i got my wisdom teeth out i didn't get any painkillers.

    They said go buy some Acetamophin (Tylenol)
  15. hahahahahha those doctors sound like dicks. they seriously said that to you?
  16. Yeah i was so dissapointed. I was hoping for like percs or maybe T3's but no nothing, :confused:
  17. The reliable brick technique.
  18. oh hell yes youre gettin sum damn painkillers if they try to send you out of there without em tell them to break out their kneepads cuz there will be some serious dick suckin goin on.
  19. Nitrous oxide and fentanyl is what they gave me to put me in a stupor. I was already blown on opiates goin in there, I was out the rest of the day.

    My only experience with nitrous is whip-its from a whipped cream can. When they turned the nitrous on I was like "am I supposed to be this fucked up?" and they laughed. They get you wrecked in there.

    They gave me ibuprofen and I bitched that they werent workin for shit so they called me in percs.

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