What do dealers prefer their customers buy?

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  1. For a couple weeks I was buying dubs mainly, though I normally don't. I know this is a waste of money and I usually buy 1/8's, but I must of been afraid to spend all my money at once.

    Anyways, I got to thinking.... Do dealers prefer to have their buyers buy 20 bags or even 10's, simply because they are getting more money for their weed? Or do most want to get rid of their stuff quickly in bulk buys?
  2. Depends on the dealer, and the dealers situation honestly. If the dealer has no pressure to get rid of it, and doesn't care about the profit, they would sell in bulk. If the dealer is looking to make money, then would want to sell dime bags or twins. If they just want to get rid of it asap, they will be more keen to sell in bulk., ect. I always buy in bulk because my dealer doesn't care, since he grows it himself and has a steady job.

    But if I were a dealer, I would want to sell dime bags or twins, for profit. So I can get more weed :D
  3. dealers like selling 8ths and quads
  4. Grams are the way to go for sure. A good dealer out here gets at least $20 a gram. I get an eighth for $50 and a quarter for $100, respectively.

  5. yup.

    unless their out to make a huge profit. which most dealers aren't in it for the money, their in it for the free weed.
  6. I thought a dub and 1/8 were the same?

    4 grams in each right?
    5$ a gram. Or what?
  7. Gram-by-gram obviously.
  8. Ask a dealer, man.
  9. As long as your not expecting them to drive for a gram than they probably don't mind because their making more profit. I don't call my guy up for anything less than a quarter, even though he only lives 10 minutes away from where I meet him.

    But yeah, if you're driving to his place or whatever I'm sure he'd love to sell you a gram but if you want him to deliver I wouldn't call him from anything under an 1/8. I'm from Canada so I don't know if dealers there would deliver for a 1/8?
  10. Dubs, unless your guy is dealing with weight.

    Low level pushers make waaaay more cash selling grams and dubs, than eighths and quads.

  11. Dub - $20 worth of weed
    1/8 - 3.5 grams
  12. the only thing any of my dealers won't do is sell a ten sack. gotta buy at least a dub
  13. i know a guy who wont smoke from what he's chopping
    i was amazed when i found out

  14. yea some guys have their work and their personal.

    g's are the best for smaller middlemen, which is prob what you are buying from.
  15. a dealer would make the most profit selling in 20s or 10s if you buy an ounce at 180 and only sell 10 and 20 bags you would make back 280 profit of 100

    thats how it goes here at least with dime being a g and a dub being 2
    8ths sell for 30 and thats .5 free to the consumer
  16. Yeah a dealer doesn't actually want to sell 8ths.
    They'd much rather sell 1g or 2g.
    Because once you hit an 8th your customers expect a price reduction so it is not gram-for-gram, thereby hurting profits.
  17. Exactly ^ An eighth is 3.5 grams for a little more than double the price of a gram, usually. I try not to buy any less than a quarter if I can help it.
  18. gram by gram is the best way (that's $70 an eighth)
    but if i could get rid of the everything i had in a day and make a quick $20 then why not? just go get more!
  19. my dealer sells .7-.8g for $10, 1.5-1.7g for $20, 8th for 40-50$
    i only buy dimes, sometimes dubs cuz im broke as fuck. i dont think he minds cuz he doesnt smoke so he doesnt burn away his profits.

  20. dealers LOVE selling anything under a half.
    the nickelbag is more or less dead, haha. though occasionally someone will buy a fiver.
    but dealers love selling dimes, dubs, eighths, and quarters. halves and ounces will give them less profit.
    and i assume we meant small time dealers here, not big time pushers.

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