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what do americans call cotton buds, you know the little stick with cotton at the ends

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. well anyone know, as i'm stumped, and it's annoying me as i've seen it in a lot of movies...............Peace out...........Sid
  2. Are you talking about cotton??

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  3. yes, cotton...cotton is good

    what ur referring to is called....'Cotton On A Stick"

    ..ask for it next time you come here
  4. yeah we have this stick, that has some cotton attached to each end that you use to clean your ears.........i've heard them being called something in Hollywood movies, so it's anoying out..........Sid
  5. or this?

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  6. Your talking about cotton swabs!!!! LMAO
  7. here you go!

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  8. q-tips that's the one we wanted, cheers BH, i can now go to bed knowing won't toss and turn trying to think of out..............Sid
  9. now thats some funny shit :D
  10. LMAO Sid..

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  11. jesus we're assholes...just playing with u
  12. ahhahahahhahaha
  13. hey sid r u from australia, and if so do u kno whut shingles are cuz i heard alot of aussies dont
  14. trees sid is from scotland not australia
  15. oh god...I have tears, Sid! :D That's the funniest shit I've read all day!!!! You really were getting fucked up earlier, weren't you?????

  16. yes i was, that was the last little bit of green i had left, and i hadn't smoked any green for like a month or yeah i was kinda fu**ed

    it really was annoying me, after my mate asked me, and i was like s*it i know this..........but had memory blank.......anyone else get that?

    so it was a huge releif that BH knew what i was talking

    Growtrees, if someone asked me what a single was i'd reply a song that a band/artist releses and has maybe another 2 songs on it.........or a vinyl 7" is still known as a single over here.........or 1 cigarette if someone was to ask for one........other than that i'm stumped........and like Garcia said, i'm in Scotland........home of the guys who wear out........Sid
  17. Don't sweat it man.. We all get a little over stoned at times and STML takes us away!!!!

    Do you mean roof shingles??

  18. Hey now!
    You know there's no such thing as over stoned!

    However, under stoned can be quite a problem :(
  19. HIGH All, *LOL* sorry for laughing sid me and my LHM were sitting here reading this and just rolled on the floor laughing...I knew what you ment right away Big Guy...*LOL* thanks for the morning Buzzzzzzzz. Ahhhh s**t might as well smoke another.

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