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What did you roll first?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TreeTrunkBuddha, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. When you first started smoking, what did you yourself roll first, a blunt or a joint?
    And no i dont mean that time when you tried to roll a "joint" out of toilet paper when you were fourteen.
  2. joints. switched to blunts though
  3. you tried to roll a joint out of toilet paper when you were 14? :p
  4. Joints. Now half the time I just go the lazy man's way when I wanna smoke a blunt- buy a Sugarcane and mash that shit.
  5. Hahahahahaha. Cmon man we've all had those times when we first started smoking where we came up with a rediculous idea on how to get high. But no not with toilet paper, a sticky note....
  6. started off rolling jays
  7. Yep, joints are what got me started. I love both and I'm actually gonna go spark a cross blunt today :wave:
  8. I rolled joints first. I think rolling blunts is alot easier tho.
  9. I tried blunts first but I was first successful, consecutively, with joints.
  10. I rolled a joint first when I was 13 and rolled a blunt when I was 14. I didn't use toilet paper or any of that shit either, I just got a friend to buy me a pack of zig zags and some blunt wraps....:smoke:
  11. Blunt, found half of a black and mild in my front yard. It tore a little, and tasted like shit, but it vas success
  12. swishersss bro
  13. A shitty ass joint, then moved on to blunts.
  14. joint. i rolled a fat canon! but im a late bloomer. my friends are already pot heads so i kinda had it easy. but it was a solid 1.5 gram canon outta just zig zags so not bad first roll ever.
  15. swisher sweets.
  16. started with blunts, very easy to roll they were for me, wasnt that great with jays, but now all i roll are zigs havent rolled a blunt in a while, someone smoke one for me dammit!! :D:smoke:
  17. First thing I learned to roll was a joint, since that's something everyone should know. You don't have to be good at it, but I hate people who are so dependent on rollers that they actually can't do it themselves. But yeah, I learned how to roll joints a week or two after I started smoking. I only attempted blunt rolling many months later, but that was because I normally hung out with a guy who knew how to do it well, so I never had to learn.
  18. Rolled a cigarette first.

  19. Lmao I was rolling a joint and my buddy hands me the roller, it took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to work the stupid thing, it would have been faster by hand.
  20. Joint, I can't roll blunts for shit and my rolls are terrible anyway.

    I smoke my bong if I don't have someone to roll 100%. :)

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