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  1. I woke up at 3:00 had a long night playing monoploy last night. Then I called my mom and went and ate with her and got 6 to eat spent 4 and kept 2 for later on then I went to a couple of stores and shit and told them there coke machines stold my money gained another 8.50 doing that so then I called my boy for some bud was like I need a dime he was like I will do it for 2 packs of marbol smooths so I was like cool and while I was buying the smokes I got a brass monkey blunt rap ended up spending 8.40 or somthing along those lines ran up to his house and all he had was a nick so I was like your not gettin 2 packs for that the shit isnt free and he is like okay one pack so I was like ok and traded (just got a nick for 3.50) well he wanted that other pack so he was like trade me something I said no way I need cash and he sold his guitar amp to my friend for 3 and gaave me 4.50 for the pack so now I have a nic blunt wrap and 7:50 for doing nothing I roll up the bluntt and smoke it and then went home with 7:50 in my poket how was your day
  2. hung out with a sexy bitch
  3. yea sounds good but I cant find a bitch to hang with right now so im just huslin to make money and smoke weed all day but getting my dick sucked once in a while would be a +
  4. i feel you man, i know the struggle. its not always easy coppin some dome here and there
  5. I worked 9 1/2 hours to make bitchy people their food at the Taco Hell to gain my money , then bought my own weed and smoked that. Sorry, but I just don't go for stealing. (Which is what you are doing when you lie about the coke machine taking your money...) Just don't get mad when you get caught walking right on into the store and saying that without even walking by the machines, then they find you a block away with the same story. Those stores actually check with each other about whats going on... such as this one guy with a bob marley shirt and a jean jacket with a red 59 on the front said our coke machine stole his money...same here...same here... so what you think they're gonna do next time man?
  6. i woke up at 10:30, chilled and then went to work for a 13 hour shift.
    and now i will get...hiiiigh.
  7. i got locked up....
    in a saturday school lol boring as fuck. my last year (whoohoo go seniors!!!)so no more dealin with that bull shit w00T!! then i textd sum people. uhm popped like 80mg of adderal/strattera's (gotta stay awake in saturday skool) so no sleep for me to night. w00T again!!!!! and now im on grasscity kickin it with u guys:D
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    you dont understand I dont give a fuck I hope they dont lock me up for life for riping off coke 8 dollars hahahahaaha im money orented you can give me a dollar and by the end of the day ill have a dub atleast everyday
    ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a gangster

  9. word :smoking:
  10. 6AM - Woke up, morning sex.
    7AM - Woman left, got ready for work.
    8AM-6PM - Work.
    6PM-10PM - Sleep.
    10:01PM - Smoked a bowl.
    10:03PM-12AM - Street Fighter.
    12AM - Shower
    12:15AM-Now - Bullshitting on the internet, texting the woman, laundry, scarfed a later dinner.

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