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What did you do for money as a kid

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by youngdumbhippy, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. I remember selling stolen lighters at then park at age 13 good times what did you guys do for money legal or not? (youd be surprised how many highschoolers are afraid to steal there own lighters)
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  2. in sixth grade i served rubber bands. made a killing among kids who want to shoot tacos at eachother
  3. call me the rubber band man
  4. wow a rubber band man in my thread im honored
  5. When I was 14 my Dad made me start working. I washed cars at the local car dealership after I was done w/ school and sports practice, and on saturdays...a year later I got a job as a farmhand about 1.5 miles down the highway. Rode my bike there at 5am in the morning and after practice at night to milk cows. Bailed a shit load of hay too. I made $14 per milking on the farm & $6/hr laboring....and $5.15/hr at the car dealership (which was the minimum wage back then).

    Made decent good coin for a high school kid that was already in sports all year round :smoking:
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  6. I got a job changing garbages at a mall.

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  7. In middle school I hustled candy in and between classes. I would have my dad buy me the bulk boxes from cosco and up my sell price from like 400% my cost.

    I was banking off .25 air heads. Three for a dollar. Twix bars. Snickers. Reese's. You name it. I had it.

    I eventually got busted and they prohibited any student from selling anything.
    They confiscated my candy and the $70-ish dollars I had.... (I already raked in tons of money and didn't really care, just didn't want to get in trouble.)

    After school when my dad picked me up, I told him about my business crashing and what the administrators did.

    Nevertheless he went inside the school and all I know is less than 10 minutes later I had my money and my candy back.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
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  8. Damn you guys had your shit lined up i just sold lighters and then moved on to selling weed in highachool

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  9. We all have the same background though. And it probably led to something similar.

    High school was a shit show of such selling. LOL. Talk about some close calls.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
  10. yeah highschool was crazy Im turning 20 in may...ah the school memories are still fresh
  11. Delivered newspapers then pedeled an ice cream cart around town in the Summer. I bought popsicles and fudgesicles for 3.5 cents and sold them for a dime. I could make $20 in a good day. Then in high school I cleaned the local drugstore/soda fountain before school. That's where I discovered pharmaceutical grade meds.
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  12. back then... pop cans, copper wire and scrap metal, fixing bikes, news paper routes( fuck you mother, never got paid).

    forget what else but I made it....
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  13. All these things we used to do atleast now we can get a decent paying job and our own place...well some of us

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  14. bought candy in bulk and sold it on elementary playground...made like 30 bucks a day till the principle caught on even the teachers bought off me...sold gold spray painted rocks as fools gold for a few bucks a piece..middle school I corn detassled in the summer and once I got to high school it was weed and acid
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  15. yea I saw it on a museum trip and figured people were too smart to say its gold lol
  16. I delivered newspapers when I was 12-13 years old. Come to think about it, it was child labor and therefore illegal for them to hire me in the first place. But it was an easy way to earn money after school.

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