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What did I just smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jayjangle, May 13, 2011.

  1. Last night I smoked a joint and two bowls of this stuff from Hawaii (gift from my dealer, i.e. he gave it to me for no reason). My dealer would not tell me what it was, but it was sort of yellowish and smelled sweet. It was really good, and I still feel stoned this morning. What do you guys think it was?
  2. No, it was bud. It was just very good. My dealer would not tell me because it was a birthday present and he didn't want to spoil it :/
  3. was is powder or nugs?..
  4. I've heard about that stuff, it makes your balls shrink. If you keep smoking it you grow boobs.
  5. It was a fairly good sized nugget, probably a little less than a dime, but it really messed my night up.
  6. I hear if you smoke a little pinch of the maui wowie you get lifted and such. Kid Cudi told me.
  7. You just answered your own question bruh...
  8. It was probably some meth.

  9. This...
  10. Yellow..... he peed in it.
  11. There are two "old school" strains that were gold in color. Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold aka Santa Marta Colombian Gold. Both of these are sativas. Tell us how it smoked when you get it.
  12. Was it a Nugget, like from Pokemon?
    Shit has a high resale value, bro!
  13. you win. no one else gets that shit hahha +Rep

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