what deficiency is this?

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    Can anyone tell me why the new growth is yellow? This is a magnesium deficiency right? What are the possible causes of new growth like this. I dont feel like explaining everything about my grow, but they are in fox farms HF/OF mix. about 4 gallons of soil each. Today I flushed 1 of them and the ph was about 6.8 in the runoff. They all got 1 recomended dose of calmag/botaincare bloom 1/2 dose of humbold bloom and a tiny bit of humic acid,molasses and they got 1 dose of humboldt grow during veg. They about 1 week into flowering. I used alot of RO water. And just recently this last watering i used bubbled tap water.

    Im 90% sure its a deficiency, just not sure what. These are 4 cuts from 4 other plants that I have grown before. Well, they had this same deficiency last time at the same point. And last grow, I had to move my plants and let a friend finish them outside. He used calmag and probloom from botanicare with bubbled tap water and it got better. I didnt get to ask how much of what though. He might have had to flush or who knows what idk what he did really. but he did say he used those nutrients and that it was a deficiency when we dropped them off to him.

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  2. Would i be right in sayin your bloom nutes have no Nitrogen?
    Looks like a bit of N def.
  3. Sry ur not even on bloom nutes yet!
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    you mean i gave to many bloom nutes u think? This problem useually happens on my grows. It useually gets progressively worse after about 3 1/5 weeks of growing.
  5. Are you using bloom nutes yet? If so it looks like ur nutes have no Nitrogen in them.
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    Well, nitrogen is mobile in the plant so if it were a N def wouldnt it be taking some N out from those big dark colored leaves? Botanicare is 1-4-5 Humboldt 0-10-0 so basically 1-9-5 is what i fed my plants. And one dose of 3-0-3 humboldt in veg.
  7. Id say some N and your good.
    3-0-3, isnt very strong, Ill be using 17-15-17 and ill be feeding more than once.
  8. N is mobile in plants, your plants look nice and tall meaning its harder for the roots to send valuable nutes the lenght of the stem, the reason why just the tops are lacking in color.
    A lot of people will foliar feed to try avoid defincencies later in the plants life.
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    interesting idea, still accepting input. I have this problem every time I grow, i want to get it locked down.It doesnt really add up to a N deficiency to me IMO. If they wanted N im sure they would be taking nutrients from the larger leaves as I said before. And ive never heard of N deficiency discoloring only the new growth. Im not discounting this as an option just want to hear from more people. Preferably people who have consistantly had this problem, esp with FF soils. Appersiatid
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    hope that helps you WEED out the issue!:bongin:
  11. judging by the chart, what would you say it is?
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    ill feed them with N next waterings along with the bloom and cal mag and see what happens.It looks like iron deficiency to me maybe with some magnesium deficiency. Does cal mag have iron?
  13. Not sure about Cal-Mag, but the N will fix it. Hopefully:wave:
  14. i gave some N last night didnt notice any real difference. They are still growing tho and the fan leaves are getting really big .. They still want more food, they a bit larger than my previous grows at least for being in the same pot size.
  15. Had that same problem on some c-99. If your run off is 6.8 your water going in may have a high ph. Mine was a 7.1 after adding nutes. I ph downed to 6.5 and it greened up after about 10 days.

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