What created creation, and what IS is?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Tonyizzle, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I'm stuck.. I have this thirst for knowledge that just will not leave me alone, especially in the last few months since I discovered UFOs. I want to know so bad how everything began.. I just don't get it.. I figure there must be laws of 'physics' beyond our comprehension.. but when I go deep into thought I always end up at the same exact point..

    What created creation? If you say god, then what created god? Nothing? It just is? Then what IS is?

    AHHHHHHH! I swear its enough to make me go insane.. I need to know these answers.
  2. If the universe was "created", then it's meaningless to ask what happened before the universe—time is part of the universe.

    I think the frustrating insolubility of these problems comes from the inability of human minds to escape everyday concepts of time and causality. For survival, these concepts are incredibly valuable. For cosmology, though, they're limiting.
  3. Yep, I agree. Ok, so there's no time, no beginning no end. It just is. So what IS is?
  4. Yeah, I dunno. Normally "is" signifies persistence through time.
  5. "It depends on what the definition of is, is"
    -Pres. Bill Clinton-

    Universal Will to Become (UWTB) is a fictional source of energy used in Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s novel, The Sirens of Titan. UWTB is a super-powerful energy source that exists to fulfill destiny. UWTB was used to cause the Big Bang.
    Salo, an alien from Tralfamadore, gives a supply of UWTB to Winston Rumfoord. He uses it to power a variety of spaceships and facilities on Mars to wage a war on Earth. In this case, the war on Earth was integral to the timeline of the universe for destiny to unfold properly.

    I have no better guesses.
  6. Without time everything just is. What is is? Without factoring in time. Basically how does something come from nothing? What is something, and what is nothing? Is nothing anything at all?
  7. Yeah, i think about this all the time, makes your mind feel so small, cos its just so impossible to comprehend the universe and "before it".
    I think Einstein said something like, "the only reason for time is just so everything doesn't happen all at once"

    But ya know whats annoying, we're never gonna know complete answers to these questions before we die.
    Thats why i sometimes wish i believed in God or religion, people with religious faith feel they know these things, cos if our minds lack the ability to fully know or understand something... then God did it. They can die thinking they know these things.
  8. But they live their lives inside a damp moldy cardboard box.. which could be at any time crushed. To believe in nothing is more simple and sensible, in my opinion.
  9. You cannot believe in nothing...
  10. Cannot, believe, and nothing are all mindfuck concepts to begin with if you think about it man.. damn this hurts my head. You can believe in nothing because everything is nothing. nothing is the same as something, because something came from nothing, so nothing must come from something. Do you believe in something? Then you believe in nothing.

    I'm not trying to preach, far from it, i'm just trying to put all these thoughts in my head into words so that maybe someone can make sense of them.
  11. Something came from nothing? Please show me the scientific theory that says that?
  12. If something can from nothing, then nothing can come from something. However if you accept only what science tells you, then surely we aren't going to agree on many things.
  13. At least I will have evidence on my side. :)

  14. ...cool? I'm talking way beyond evidence man.
  15. Way beyond evidence, eh?
  16. This is so crazy but I recently ate Mushrooms for the first time and all this stuff you guys are talking about is what I thinking when I was tripping. The whole everything is "is". And I even quoted Bill just like that other dude did, weird. But the other concept I kept thinking about was communication. By that I mean the reason there is so much conflict in the world today is because people can't seem to find the right words for things that they try to say (especially when debating the subject of how we got here and all those big questions) which is why IMO there are so many different religions and differing beliefs. But if you really think about it they all say the same thing at the core of them. I'm pretty sure there's a story in the bible about an angel coming down and confounding the people so they can't speak to one another so that is kind of what I mean. What do you guys think?
  17. i've fallen into the belief that nothing can be explained with any proof. everything is about what an individual person beleives. because im at the same place tearing apart theorys to see the bottom line...but you just cant find it. one loophole question that disproves any theory-"where did THAT come from". its a known fact reality-wise that things do not just appear. something or someone makes it. so...big bang theory? where did that atom come from?, god? where did he come from? i dont beleive even higher powers come out of nothingness.

    its all the faith or the belief of the person man.
    *note* im not rippin on anyone just stating what i beleive.
    im a firm live and let live beliver.
  18. wow, congratulations on your findings, where were they hiding - those lil buggers ! :)
  19. But ultimately its all about evidence, virses Faith... that's the only common denominator people's beliefs
  20. I was introduced to them by a really rich dude who has this hugeee property which they are extremely active over. Ever since I just watch the sky and they are there, not always, but if you keep an eye out you will see one eventually.

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