What concerts are you seeing?

Discussion in 'Clubs, DJ’s and Festivals' started by Little Wing, May 29, 2003.

  1. Just wondering what cocnerts everyone has tickets for this summer?

    I currently have tickets to see the dead in hartford, CT June 21st, and a ticket to see phish in NJ july 30th. Both shows I look forward to, and will most likely be tripping on shrooms or acid.
  2. this year so far we've got tickets for 2 nights @ the warfield for widespread panic.

    the dead hasn't announced any dates out here yet (california), neither has les claypool. we're holding off on phish tickets until we can afford them but will probably hit one night at least.

    and pearl jam next week for sure!

    we're missing alot of concerts when we're on vacation in august, we'll miss metallica, ben harper and probably more :( but oh well!
  3. one word: B O N N A R O O
  4. damn dude i wish i was seeing panic the dead and Bonnaroo. but i am gonna see PHISh in charlotte so its all good and the roo next year definitly
  5. man i wish i was getting to see phish this summer but i cant make it anywhere =/
  6. We want to go see Queensryche on the 29th of June, but the ole man is in his buddies wedding so we can't go....well....he can't go....heheheheheheheh (evil chuckle)

    Ganjaphish- We saw Pearl Jam, they sound amazing!
    Savatage and Disturbed both sounded amazing too...we're looking for concert dates for them, but no luck yet :(

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