What "cheap cigars" do you actually smoke (not for a blunt)?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ratroll, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Hey GC,

    Just wondering what cheap cigars (ya know, Phillies, Swishers, Black & Milds, Dutches, ect) do you guys smoke? And I don't mean roll up a blunt with ;)

    P.S. I didn't make a poll cause I knew I would forget a ton
  2. i smoke swisher sweets cigerettes.
  3. ill smoke swishers, dutches and those little, tipped phillies.. tiahuana (sp?) are alright too. Im way too sick of black and milds and ive always thought philies were rank
  4. Black and Milds, Thas all.

    Tryed them Smooth and easy or some shit like that. Its a brown cigar, Shits straight nasty i thought.
  5. All of the above.

    Philllies make a size called "Phatz" which are a little fatter than a cigarillo but about the same length. They also make Chocolate & Sambuca Philly Blunts, which are 2 very delicious flavors.

    Swisher Sweets makes honey flavored Kings, which are the biggest cheap cigars I've seen to date. They're my favorite most of the time. Plus, the boxes are usually Buy One Get One.

    Apple Black & Milds are tasty as fuck.
  6. Im with you on the apple Black and Milds..... damn so good
  7. Hmmm ill smoke a black n mild any day but prolly not any other cigar other than a rello
  8. dude i just toke up the swishers....mango flavored theyre the shit ive nvr really had anything else other than cubans and those rnt cheap
  9. Black and Milds
    Black and Golds
    Black and Milds:Apple

    I have noticed...smoking a bowl...then getting in my hottub and smoking a Black makes the high come on faster, and stay longer..don't know why but I like it.:smoking:
  10. heyhey,

    only when im on the go.

  11. I smoke Tatiana's there kinda cheap 10 bucks a pack of ten, they are real good :D
  12. Old Ports

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