What CFLs do you have?

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  1. Wanna make a thread about what Cfls works best or just what works for you. Veg and flower.
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    Personally I have some 52w Philips Tornado(6500k) which are working great for my veg grow, and by keeping them away for 8cm from top leaves, they just work the same was as my OSRAM 400W MH does at 90cm.
    Also I can post some pics if you're interested in seeing the result of using 1x52w for a plant.

  3. Yes please post them pics.
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    Two weeks old since the germination (exactly 14 days when I took the pictures)
    landrace strain(read it "Unknown" [​IMG] )
    Same light as I've mentioned before (1x52w @6500k)
    18/6 light schedule




    p.s. s/he has also had some stress so calling it a 10-12 days old may seems reasonable too.

  5. Looks great man Im useing the 60w Apollo horticulture 6500k. What is the strain?

    Here's my little girl she's a girl scout cookie blue city diesel mix.

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  6. you mean the strain that I'm growing?
    Gosh! look at that poor little girl over there! Why you keep your lights so far from the plant?
    And also, by 60w you mean 1x60w or another combination? (e.g. 3x20w)

  7. And for your own sake and safety, put that power plug(connector, splitter or whatever it's called :D ) somewhere higher and not let it be on the floor. Hanging/Attaching to the wall is a good idea, but if you can't, at least make a pot upside down and put it on top so water won't reach it so easy.
  8. Yes what strain. And no I have 2 60w 6500k Cfls 4 26w 6500k and 1 42w 2700k Cfl. Here's a better pic. From today.

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    I have 4 - 55 watt, 4 - 42 watt and 24 - 32 watt cfl's sitting in a box with a large bag of y's and extensions gathering dust now that I dumped the whole fight and went to a a/c hid hood..

    However,.. I'm building a veg cab to use them pretty soon... :)

  10. If I don't say overkill, then it's probably not optimum and there's a lot of wasting there.
    AFAIK, lower kelvins(2700k) leads to longer stems(which people usually don't like) and simply "stretch" your plants.
    CFLs are usually used due to their low temperature so you can put them closer to your plant since the light penetration of CFL is not that strong to reach your plant in a long distance but be really *CAREFUL* and not put them so close since they can easily burn your leaves even after 30 minutes!
    Mine is no "strain" actually and it's called landrace, means "Growing in the wild"
  11. No such thing as overkill with cfl's - as their total lumens are listed - it's tough to capture and get all the light they put off and keep them within an inch from your plants, really,.. who cares if you burn a few leafs that get tossed in the trash come trim day..

    If your running open bulbs your only getting a 1/4 at best of the total lumen output, as the light from the opposite side of the bulb is wasted energy lighting the grow space and the plant gets nothing from the reflected light as anything further than 6" from the bulb is useless to heathy plant production..
  12. One more thing that's different from CFL and hid lights is with the cfl's do make growing easier, with the hid's you need to be dialed in to your plants as nutrient uptake is a lot more, so ph and ppm's are much more critical..
  13. 5 x 42 watts using home made reflector for flower in small cab all organic. 2 oz per month plushberry. cfls work. Keep em close to lights as possible and Check them daily.

  14. Overkill:
    As I've mentioned, it's not "overkill" but IMO, 120w for a single plant in that stage/size is more than enough, specially if you do it properly and put them in the right distance.

    Burning leaves:

    Well, burning leaves are really bad for your plant, specially when they're young and very vulnerable to stress and traumas.

  15. That's cool!
    You mind posting some pics from your flowering stage? Soon I'm going to try CFL for 1-2 clones to see how they'll flower and some prior pics would be really helpful.

  16. I agree in the first few weeks the plants are so small you don't need much light , yet side lighting is good as well as above for good tight nodes , and the burning is in mature flowering plants that like to lift their leafs into your bulbs that are an inch away, or three inches for 60 watters..
    The further away the lights get the more they lift, the way it seems and makes it difficult to get the light right next to our buds, so a little burning of leafs is no big deal I was referring to... :)

  17. But the OP has posted pics about his currently-in-the-vegatative-stage plant(which is terribly stretched by the way) and all I've tried to do was helping him to stop that stretching by putting his bulbs in a better distance.
    And no, burning leaves are bad and it doesn't really matter which stage of life your plant is currently in.
    (Also I'm wondering how it's possible for leaves to be so close to be burnt, and yet, without having the bud/flower overheated/damaged!)

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    Ah never mind, the leaf don't burn completely, just a little spot where it touches the bulb directly - the leaf doesn't die. Just get a little brown spot on them.. The trick is to get as close as possible without touching the bulb itself - here is a pic from about 3-4 weeks into flower in my 1000+ watt CFL grow box that finished three plants of GDP at over 8oz's...

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1452386714.432480.jpg
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    That's cool!
    You've got a journal here?

  20. The reason for the stretch is because the clone was under a 1000w hid. It's hard to tell in my pics how close my lights are but there are below 3 in. Here's a pic from today.

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