What Can You Make With Stems?

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  1. If you save a lot of stems like a half oz can you make tea or oil?
  2. And qwiso hash, for sure.
  3. You could make little wicker chairs for your G.I. Joes to sit in.

  4. --Thanks; but whats qwiso hash?
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    Qwiso hash, is what i would do. Its difficult to make tea, and if you do manage to make it properly, it will be nasty.
    Hash FTW.

    EDIT: I like using this method, with realy simple and cheap supplies. Just substitute the grinder with the stems/leaves. Just make sure you let it dry completly. When you scrape it into a pile on the dish, let it sit for about 12 hours so that it fully dries and turns hard like hash. If you dont let it dry completly it will be a gooey mess that wont be in smokable form.

  6. Is there a certain ratio between the alcohol and the amount of stems?
  7. Or he could tie em' together and make a little raft for G.I. Joe's bathtub adventure!
  8. Not really. When you dump all the stems/bud/leaves or whatever into the clean and dry jar, pour on enough alcohol to submerge all of the material. Then swirl it around a little and DONT let it sit in the jar for more then ONE[1] minute. After ONE MINUTE strain it out onto the dish immedietly. Using either a mesh strainer or very carefully using a coffee filter to strain out the stems. Then just leave it near a window(a fan nearby will help too).
    A jar is a few dollars, a pyrex dish is less then 15, and if you dont have razor blades you can get a bunch for a few bucks.

    Check my other post i added the link.
  9. or the second of the three little pigs house.
  10. A stick man tied together with strips of the stems.
    I shall name him Barry and we will have wondrous smoking adventures.

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