What can you do if you live in MN?

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  1. I live in MN and I am on disability for a neurological headache condition.

    Circumstances have arose that leave me in a situation where I may have to quit. If I quit I will have to take prescription drugs to sleep and anti-epileptics again. Doctors only care about drug company kickbacks and perks. I am the one that has to live with the condition and I find that to be so hypocritical that it stinks!
  2. You can't do anything. There is no medical in MN yet buy we'll see with Dayton.
  3. Flip flop of power though. DFL Governor, but Republicans in control of most committees and their general majority. Might not be able to get anything TO Dayton's desk if it were attempted. Two party back and forth politics. Ain't it grand? :rolleyes:
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    One word: voters initiative
  5. MN is not an I & R (initiative and referendum) state. Such a bill would need be penned by a Representative if there is one so inclined to stick their neck out on the issue. There is no political mechanism whereby the people can presently get anything on the ballots. :(

    There have been challenges to our I & R status a couple times over the years in an attempt to open up the peoples' ability to introduce such legislation. Each time, interestingly, the newspapers and unions led successful bids to stymie such attempts. :cool:
  6. Well, the only thing to do is EDUCATE!

    Send MMJ studies and articles to your politicians and everyone else you think should know what cannabis can do! I've made this fairly easy for all of you- just click that first link in my sig for 100s of MMJ studies and news articles about them!

    Most politicians won't act until it is in their own self-interest or it affects them personally! The only good thing about this is that cannabis is "good for" so many conditions!

    Recently a politician went in to vote "NO" on a MMJ bill- he listened to the various witnesses and one of them had the same condition as his daughter. Instantly the issue became personal! He voted "YES". :yay:

    When issues become personal, they can over-ride party policy, and even pharmaceutical company bribes! :eek:

    If you keep sending your politicians articles on cancer, fibro, MS, diabetes, epilepsy, Crohn's, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's etc- you will eventually hit the right condition that will make it "personal" for them!


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