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What Can Molasses Do For Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by PaulMitchle, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Can someone give me a run around on what Molasses does for marijuana during harvest? How to use it? And what molasses brands are best? Thanks
  2. I dont recall what all it gives, carbs, sugar and some other stuff thats beneficial for both the plant and soil. you want to use unsulphered molasses. I use it during both veg and flowering cycle.
  3. If you want to use it it has to be sulfur free and is cheapest from a store that sells it in bulk or a feed store. Now here is the deal... I used it religiously for two years, 5 ml per gallon for every watering until second flush. Last run I didn't use it, I guess out of lazyness, and had my best yeild ever, so I don't know, I am not saying it hurts anything, just not as convinced that the plants can actually absorb it. I have read that that Bud Candy crap from Advanced Nutrients is easier for the plants to absorb. I am going to try it as directed on 1/2 of my plants on the next run and will post results in a few months.
  4. I've heard lots about this. I'm using sugar daddy for carbs and all... Would adding molasas to the mix be beneficial or do I already have it covered with the sugar daddy?
  5. good question ill be looking for an answer to this aswell
  6. it can increase your yield ive heard up to like 20%. ive used it like the last two weeks of flowering and when flushing i just put a tbs per gallon of water. use unsulphered blackstrap molasses.
  7. Any idea on where to get it?
  8. I use Sugar Daddy as well but to me it smells like a weak water downed molasses and on the ingredients lable it also has a little bit of sulpher in it. But I still use both. I noticed that the Grandmas unsulpherd molasses has sodium in it and the organic bottle of unsulpherd molasses I bought has no sodium in it. May stick with the organic molasses as its one less thing to contribute to salt build up. Either way unsuplhered molasses is still good for the plants and feeds the beneficial microbes in the soil. Now if your doing hydro I heard that molasses can gum up the air stones.
  9. Baking section of your grocery store or feed stores. Havent seen what they have at the feed stores, I have seen it in powder form for cattle but I dont think I would use that.
  10. So should I use this with sugar daddy? Anyone have success with the technaflora nutes?
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    I use both and have been using the Technaflora line up for 2 completed indoor grows and 1 completed outdoor grow and now on third grow. I use molasses everytime I water or feed. I now prefer organic molasses because the brand I bought doesnt have any sodium in it and its one less thing to contribute to salt build up but tends to cost a little more but even using Grandmas unsulphered molasses will work just fine and I have used alot of it.
  12. What kind of results do you see from the molasses? Ever done a grow without it to compare? Also have you seen real great results with the technaflora line? Have you had problems with salt buildup in the past and if so what are the symptoms so I can keep an eye on it?

  13. Dont know of many others that use Technaflora, there are a few others here. I like it and have had good results with it but I`m only on my fourth grow and havent tried anything else for a nute line up, it works for me so I just stay with it. As for salt build up thats something I think you get with any nutrient line and why you should flush your plants every 2 weeks or so with water 3 times the gallons of your pots, so if your using a 3 gallon pot flush with 9 gallons of water and you only need to PH adjust the last gallon or so to reduce salt build up. It can make leaves turn yellow and curl downward starting from the bottom of the plant and working its way up from what I was told.
  14. Is the flush really Necessary? I hear people only do that when they have problems, not to prevent them....
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    Alot of people with more grow experience say it is because it helps remove excess salt build up which helps the plant stay healthier and helps prevent nute lock out. The healthier the plant the better its gonna grow and produce also flushing the last two weeks during regular watering cycles helps improve the taste of the buds when smoked. When I water and flush I use a wet/dry shop vac to suck up the excess water, flushing can seem a pain but it helps the over all health of the plant. I use to not flush but I now think that its a good preventative measure to do to try and avoid problems.
  16. i got some non sulphered molasses today. Ill be using one table spoon per gallon.
  17. The posters in the organic forum say molasses is used to feed the micro herd in the soil and not the plant itself.

    It's my understanding that chemical nutes kill the micro herd. So if you use molasses with chem nutes you probably won't see any differences. This is just the way I understand it. Again this is just my understanding I could be wrong.
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    This thread needed to be revived.

    I just bought some black strapped molasses and I have a week or two left on my current grow of Skunk #1. I am on day #52 of 12/12. I was planning on adding 1 TBS per gallon of plain ph adjusted water - no more nutrient feedings. I plan on doing a final flush with Sledgehammer soon. I have used the FoxFarm nutrients.

    Does anyone have any scientific data or personal experience with molasses - is there a benefit only to organic grows?

    Should molasses be used after the final flush?
  19. I heard from a buddy who grows organic that molasses is really beneficial for the final weeks before second flush. He didnt use any other nutes really. Before i saw his harvest, i figured he was just exaggerating. I may still have pics:eek:. I just bought some last night, and fed one of my bagseed chicks just before lights out. Just checked her and she's got praying leaves. I'll take that as a thanks from her. Seems to have made her happy :D

  20. Bounty Hunter is right.
    The molasses only feed your microorganisms in the soil which then break down and make avalible the nutrients in your soil. If you growing hydro it wont do anything for your plant itself.
    P.s. Sulfur is great for plants. Not sure why people say to use unsulfured molasses.


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