What can I play on this hunk of crap?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by bssarchives, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Does anyone else have a hunk of crap like this ? My laptop
    If you do what games you playing? What decent games can I run on this
    Intel Celeron N3050 Processor, 4GB Memory 1.6 ghz

    Need recommendations, but don't mention COD 4 or any civilization games because I already have them and I'm tired of them.

    Please and thanks, im out of herb and I need a good addicting game.

  2. I'm not sure if this is your kinda game, but you could try playing Diablo 2. It works on just about any computer because it is such an old game, but I still find it fun to play sometimes. It becomes really addictive, but unlike WoW, this game actually pretty much comes to an end once you have fully geared your character. You also level up a lot faster in D2 and it is free to play.
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  3. Starcraft is free to play as well.
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  4. FTL: Faster Than Light
    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Not 100% sure you meet the requirements, but you should)
    Civilization III
    ShellShock Live (But the community seems to be slowly dying)

    FTL and Binding of Isaac are amazing, I have many many hours in both. Civ III is still good, but definitely shows its age
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  5. League of Legends might be fun too. My younger brother is always playing that game on his computer.
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  6. play runescape
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  7. I got Diablo 2 today and I like but It really makes me wish my PC could handle Diablo III, I need to upgrade my shit or get a console, I am so behind on gaming, tried to play Titanfall at a friends and I just felt retarded trying to play it. I used to be such a sharp gamer until I fell behind lol
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  9. Thanks for the recommendations guys, needed somethin different, I've got over a 1000 hours into civilization 3,4,5 and since I can't play online anymore I'm really kinda over it. I could play them online but Steam requires you to buy 5 bucks worth of shit from their site in order to be a full member, which I have not done lol
  10. Uh why are you on a limited steam account? This means you haven't ever spent more than $5 on the account on anything. And yet you have over 1000 hours in Civ 3-5?
  11. Because I pirated civ 3-5 and I got a 1000 (give or take of course) against computer AI offline.
  12. Because I pirated civ 3-5 and I got a 1000 (give or take of course) against computer AI offline.
  13. Sorry for double post
  14. Sorry for double post
  15. Damn touch screens, I'm a mess I know
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  16. I've recently started playing red alert 2 and it's expansion Yuris Revenge again. Totally forgot how addictive this RTS is. Should run fine on a 1.6 celeron. You didn't specify operating system so if it's windows 7 or newer (did you upgrade from windows me? Lol)you can use a usb drive to speed it up a bit with readyboost.

    Story mode is fun but the skirmishes with the mega map pack are like Crack cocaine. I always play as yuri. By the end of the match I usually capture all 3 factions with a yuri prime- allied, soviet and yuri.

    I literally picked this back up last night. Pardon my excitement.
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  17. Hell yah always good to see another cncer go back into it.

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  18. Windows 10, always loved C&C Generals, I'll see if Red Alert 2 will run
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  19. Glad to help. I just realized you could run a pretty broad range of emulators all the way up to 32 bit. Thats a lot of games.

    The site emuparadise is killer. Forums are super helpful too. All the roms they have are technically legal, if I'm not mistaken. If you have a wired xbox 360 controller, you can install the Microsoft drivers and use it as your controller for the roms. I believe wired ps3 and ps4 controllers also work though I have no experience with those. Super easy on windows 10.
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  20. Yea I used to emulate with a 360 controller, lots of N64 and PS1 Emulating in my day, tried to run a PS2 emulator on this PC because I wanted to play Dynasty Warriors and some ole WWE games, and I had zero luck with that, which seems kind of dumb to me because this runs most PS2 era PC games, so why wouldn't it handle PS2 Emu? Ya know?

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