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What can I do with my vaped weed?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by UKStoner 420, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Sup guys.
    So I got a new Volcano Digit Vaporiser a few months ago and I now have just over half and oz of vaped weed. I didn't want to just throw it away just in case I could do stuff with it. I was right in doing so :p
    A friend of mine told me I can cook with it? I just want to know if anyone has any experience with what I could do with all of this vape poo because I'd be well on doing something with it.
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  2. My favorite, never fail, is making it into goop. Several iso washes, and then I eat it. All of it. Usually I turn an oz into poo and eat it all.
  3. Yeah man you can cook edibles with the leftovers as long as it's not torched black. But you also need about 2-3x more what you would use for regular bud.
  4. What's goop may I ask? :p I mean, that's what a few of my mates call the residue in a pipe
  5. Following the process I posted, it is oil/wax made from quick isopropyl alcohol washes. A few quick washes for no more than 30 seconds, and then I let it sit for a whole day and boil down all of the iso to almost nothing, then let it air dry in the oven at 170. Left with some shit looking goop on the bakeware, follow it up with a razor blade to scrape it. I have done dabs with it but can't get enough of the opiate like (have never tried, some people who have say it is close) high of alot of concentrated avb ingested.
  6. Ah sweet. Good thing I got a new nail the other day :p
  7. Eat it, i put 2.5 in a pb sandwich and ate it was stoned for almost 8 hours
  8. Sammyy, do you mean just straight up eat it as it is?
  9. Crush the ABV into a powder and use it like a seasoning

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  10. I'm wondering this too

    Because THC needs fat to be activated, but in vaped weed there is no THC, just CBD. Does CBD need anything special to be activated?

    Omega369 :wave:
  11. Their is some THC left in already vaped weed but not much if you vape well. The THC that is left IS already decarbed because of the vaping temp. You can eat it as is, mix in a PB+J, Soak it into veg oil for a day and use the oit to bake. Make into an oil with 151+ Everclear. ( I prefer using everclear over ISO if I am going to just eat it). 
  12. Thanks a ton! That gives me the answer to my questions. Cheers

    Omega369 :wave:
  13. toss it in the trash
  14. Blasphemy!!!
  15. My son and I throw all the vaped weed into a big box. You would be surprised how much weed doesn't get vaped and is still green. We use these leftovers when we are jonesing. We have about a quarter pound of vaped leftovers
  16. wow. Make shit load of edibles or iso wash it all.
  17. Whatever you do, DON'T toke it, packed a fat ass bowl in my bubbler and endured the most harsh smoke of my life, it quickly became a task to finish the ABV. Not to mention that it tasted way stale. Sure, I got high for a few hours but in my opinion, not worth it. Next time i think i'll try one of those no-bake firecrackers and let the peanut butter absorb any remaining thc for a few days before consuming. 
    Yo guys, easy answer. Heat the vaped bud back up for 10-20 minutes and mix it in with peanut butter. The THC will bond with the saturated fat and you can use it on anything.
    Last week, I put a whole bowl of bud on two sets of ritz crackers with peanut butter and got destroyed. Definitely worth doing :yummy:
    Sounds like it would taste horrible.  Would it not be better to soak the stuff in an oil like peanut or olive oil and strain the plant matter from it?
    Dude in my opinion, you can hardly notice the taste if its in peanut butter. Your method might work, but I think you'd have a hard time straining olive oil and you really don't need to do that much work.

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