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what can i do with hundreds of plants that males pollinated? +REP

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by outdoorinvestor, May 16, 2010.

  1. nice nice ha midwest FTW!! ;)
  2. if seeds are a problem for consumers, try just shaking it and making hash instead. or you could keep the seeds and use/sell them seperatley.
  3. haha i'm from Minnesota also and have a big outdoor field that is massive like 500 plants or something its just ditch but I plan on doing massive amounts of hash :smoking:
  4. hell yea dont matter what it is as long as its got a glaze of thc on it you can make hash lol :hello:
  5. last year i went out and picked them around mid october , got like 20 pounds lol but the thing was they were full of seeds and bugs and the high was weird. It lasted at tops a couple of minutes but I could definatley feel it. Does anyone have any insight into that matter should i have waited to harvest later or is it just worthless or what idk. The high was very intense though, and then i dried a bunch of it with a dehumidifier and smoked a blunt of it and didnt get high at all so Idk

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