what can i do with hundreds of plants that males pollinated? +REP

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  1. Around harvest time every year i have HUNDREDS of plants that get fucked up cuz i cant control all the males...

    So what are some ideas i can do with all these plants? ie ways to make hash, canna oil exetra..

    Step by step in detail im not very bright on all this lol..

    Thanks :)

    ++++++++REP ;)
  2. Same thing happens to me i have a bunch of weed that i can get
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    Sell it to midwestern, middle school chumps. Or go into breeding. WAY more money there anyhow.

    [Talk of selling not allowed at GC. -FW]
  4. What do you mean bread? What could i do from widwest US ha?
  5. very easy to make canni-butter. go to the incredible edable section for the sticky. those cookies kick my own ass off!! yes you can od on pot.:smoking:
  6. Why would you say something like that? thats how the government and fox news gets quotes that they use to smash us :p and even eating it youll either pass out or just be super high before you ever eat enough to od lol...
  7. Bulk ISO processing will probably torch everything within a stones-throw. Bulk bubble-hashing is fast, easy, safe, and won't leave an industrial taste in your hash. But you will need to dry your herb before you start. Google will give you a few large scale (5gal+) bubble hash kits or you can make your own.
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    I have one but Im just to stoned to use it.
  9. I had a buddy blow up his kitchen cooking oil with ISO, he threw the flaming pot out the front door of his condo and lit 2 cars on fire.. I still laugh when I think about it.

    Get some bubble bags and get mixing. It's safe, easy, makes a good and saleable product, and doesn't require any controlled/and or dangerous substances.

  10. What do you mean bread? I said breed.
  11. spelling mistake but how could i breed from mid west?
  12. well i think im just gunna do it the cheapest way i can think of an just use ice an a blender but what about all the beaners? will they ruin the hash by getting chopped up?
  13. beans won't hurt. Start with a small test batch to get your legs and see how it all works. Bubblehashing can make incredibly potent smoke. I have 8-10g NHMango that I smoked only once. Kicked my dick in the dirt and now I'm afraid of it. Gonna give it to my son - he's coming by on his way to a music fest. hehe I won't tell him. Payback for the sh!t he did when he was a kid.
  14. haha i wish my dad did this to me!
  15. funny shit:hello:
  16. haha :D i just hope i can handle all this moving the females an makeing hash im still a rookie at all this ha
  17. where you at in the midwest
  18. MN 2 hours from Minneapolis ha how bout you?
  19. 1 hour south of springfield illinois

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