What can I do for bugs..?

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  1. So I first noticed a few bugs on the leaves a couple days ago and they looked black and had one or two flying around. I killed what I could with my fingers and now I'm seeing little tiny tiny white ones around the edge of the pot my girl is in. I notice small spots on the plant that their eating or whatever. What can I do before it gets out of hand?? Here's a pic but you can barely see it

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  2. sounds like White flies ...looks like thrip damage ...Google NEEM OIL....it's your best bet ...and real good at combating them in Veg....BUT don't spray neem oil or anything really when in flower mode....buds will never relinquish the taste ..

    good luck and good grows

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  3. I'll be good right now I'm veg tho right? I was gonna flip here in about two weeks
  4. sticky traps....neem oil...increase air movement which flying bugs hate...also get a microscope and check the undersides for mites...Google russet mites and spider mites....preventing is better than all out war...

    good luck keep us posted

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  5. It depends, what are they asking you to do? haha. I draw the line and going shopping for them.

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  6. Aight so I went and got some neem Oil. I got a gallon of water and added about half a tablespoon of dish soap and then 8 ml of the oil. I did some research real quick and it was saying the dish soap helps break up the oil to help it mix well with the water. I got my girl and set her in the bathtub and gave her a good spray trying to get underneath all the leaves but was pretty difficult since she knows when lights are about to go out and droops a bit. Anyways I'll follow up with another spray in 4-5 days and see what happens.
  7. cool keep us posted...don't overdue the neem and don't double up the neem ....neem once then cold ph water the next day then neem again on the 3rd day....etc...if you double up the neem oil it saturates the leaves blocking the stomata of the leaves and choking them out..

    good luck keep.us posted

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  8. Is it normal for it to get worse before it gets better? Just got home and checked up on her and I'm seeing more of the glossy spots and just a bit of damage on sides of leaves. It's not terrible but if it keeps up at this rate it will get bad fairly quickly. Sprayed less then 24 hours ago tho so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's doing the job. I can't remember where I read it but I remember seeing that the neem oil doesn't immediately kill the thrip but it makes it so they can't reproduce and their life span is about four days..
  9. kind of, the damage won't ever recover once it's set...but the newest growth should not be bad...in your case...cuz your way into flowering ...just to hope you finish the ones that look really bad as they are your "hosts" ...if it was.me I'd scrap the ones that look really bad ...and begin preventative maintenence on the healthy ones...but it's up to you...
    do expect the damage to.continue though cuz...well there's nothing effectively killing what's biting the plant ...the ice cold water deal pisses them off and throws them around....buying you some time...só keep.it up until they finish..

    good luck and keep us posted

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  10. Doesn't neem oil make the leaves shiny? Or am I thinking of something else?

    And aren't you supposed to rinse off the soap after a few hours?
  11. Did I say I was in flower? if I did thats my bad I'm actually about 6 weeks into veg. I'll have to put some pics up when I get back home. It's really only very minor damage but it definitely looks like it spread overnight to more spots. Will the neem oil not kill them all off?
  12. Fuck I hope not cause I didn't lol. She doesn't look shiny or anything different that I've noticed.
  13. Eh, I'm probably wrong. Idk lol
  14. neem oil does leave a shine residue on the leaves don't worry...but don't double up neem oil...use it then the next day cold ph'd water to rinse...then again etc...doubling up will clog the stomata of the leaves essentially choking it out...

    good luck and good grows keep us posted let us know!!

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  15. I used sevin dust and it worked great...I now sprinkle it around the outside of the plant and no more bugs!! First I put it directly in the plant worked fine and didn't harm the plant...it was in veg mode...not sure I would put it on my buds tho.

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  16. Worked for me

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  17. What kinda bugs did you have? I seen that stuff at Walmart was thinking about trying it.
  18. Had nats and ants, spiders and lady bugs...no more!! Seriously I sprinkled it on the plant... light coating..left it over night and through the next day. Also put it around the plants pot.
  19. Oh ok see I'm talking about the smaller bugs, thrip and mites those type of fuckers lol. Not sure if it would have the same effect. All I kno is im super sad about my baby :(

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