what can i add to a joint

Discussion in 'General' started by pieman615, May 27, 2009.

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    hey everyone well i dont have alot of weed but enough for a decent joint and iwas wondering instead of tobacco what can i use to add to the joint , anything that can make it burn or taste better?

    thankss :p i like the taste of weed btw lol

    dont say bong or pipe plz cuz im going to a party and cant be fucked with bongs or pipes :)
  2. Get some glass or vape dude, both excellent ways to conserve your bud.
  3. oh yeah im rollin a j cause im going out tonightt and yeahh i get stoned pretty easy :)
  4. I'm sure other members can throw some suggestions, but you can never go wrong with tobacco. I always use it in my joints, I enjoy the head rush that comes before the high...good times.
  5. crack

    kidding, lol. Yeah just toss some tobacco in there. Won't necessarily make it taste better, but it will work :D lol.
  6. Go for tobacco, or just roll a smaller jay, but don't try to use cooking herbs, they taste nasty, from experience.

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