What Can Everyday Joe Do To Help Speed Up Legalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by ILikeWeedxD, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I have a question. What can someone like me do to help speed up legalization. How can i get involved to make weed legal faster?

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  2. Quit being average, and become extraordinary.
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    Join NORML (and don't just join, become active in the chapter)
    Call (or email) your state rep and state senator
    Call (or email) your governor
    Call (or email) your federal congressman
    Call (or email) your Federal Senator
    Speak up in public about legalization 
    I go to tea party meetings and ask why aren't they supporting legalization ......of course, I'm an old, conservatively dressed, suburban,  small business owner, white guy--- and I always catch them by surprise, because people like me aren't   "Supposed"  to support legalization.....
  4. Write your rep a letter and in that letter there must be a check for at least 100k in other than that all those letters go right into the trash.
  5. Thanks for the edvice. Although iv always had the question: can you get in trouble for supporting an illegal substance? I know freedom of speech but iv always been woried about getting involved because i would be supporting something illegal

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  6. Fortunately, you've sent this via your "smart" phone, so the NSA is already aware. LOL!
  7. You have no criminal liability supporting an illegal substance. You have no criminal liability being an activist. You DO have criminal liability when you choose to break the law and posess/injest in a state that considers the substance illegal. This is the #1 reason you should be active in contributing to it's legalization, if not for the benifit of the many....for the benifit of yourself.
  8. And not discouraging others from doing so (I'm talking to you NorCal). The only way federal legalization has a shot is if we the people vote and let the politicians know we will not elect you if you do not represent the will of the voter.

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  9. What do you mean by this? How are they discouraging others?
  10. I don't think they're discouraging...
    But when people think of Medical Marijuana they look at Cali and want to be the exact opposite of that lol.
  11. Spread the word about jury nullfication. The politicians have no impetus to listen to the people, as we cannot outspend the corporations.
    They can pass all the laws they want, but cannot convict without a jury willing to do so.
  12. Become a billionaire and lobbyist. Everything else is a wasted effort

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  13. Now we are getting it.
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    Become a spokesman for, and educate people ignorant of, the benefits of cannabis.
    Granny Storm Crow is one outstanding example!
  15. If i did become some sort of billionaire figure i would really invest some of my cash into educating the public.

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  16. Jay Leno was right Smartfones over took people in the smart stakes lol, of course u cant get done for supporting something illegal, you just dont wanna get caught DOING something Illegal
  17. PESSIMISTIC MAN , go smoke a joint and share it with a cop,
  18. where is granny stormcrow? She knows. I just act like it's legal already.
  19. I don't understand what you are saying. Politicians lie through thier teeth just to get elected. Once they are in office, they do what the fuck they want.
    No you cannot, but the DEA and FBI will follow you, tap your phone calls, tap your emails, and stalk your every move through undercover agents posing as landscapers, utility workers, postal workers, ect, ect, ect. The mental burden will make you not want to live as your life becomes 100% artificial. They will make every thing you do difficult (creating traffic jams, driving slow, staring at you, following you everywhere you go, manipulating your internet pages/facebook)
    My beliefe is Its not a drug. It is a plant. An herb to be exact. And its an herb that can heal EVERYTHING in the correct extract/dose. It has no right being illegal as GOD put it here. It is suppose to be naturally occuring and growing in each of our back yards, yet it is destroyed on sight.
    Who is right? who is wrong?
    peace and pot

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