What can city people do?

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  1. I'm from a very small rural town maybe 2000 people max. Country born and raised and I got to thinking to me common things that everyone should know is stuff like hunting and how to grow food and slaughter and cure meat and smoke meat and make preserves and all that and it occurred to me that most city people wouldn't consider that as common so I was wondering what's some stuff that city people consider common that country people wouldn't?
  2. depends on the city.

    knowing how to read a subway map, hail a cab, deal with bums, beggars, and crackhead/crazies, buying drugs off corner boys, deal with cops hassle...
  3. People actually stand on the corner and sell drugs? I thought that was just a movie thing. Lol. Seems like an easy way to get arrested.
  4. most people don't stand on street corners anymore. unless you go to a really poor city like Detroit. in the suburbs (well where I leave) most deals are done by delivery, meeting somewhere by car. safest way!

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  5. Yeah that's the way we do it where I live. Don't deal in public unless there's no other way.
  6. They can probably find the nearest Starbucks with ease...
    I can't think of any advantages they'd have, skill set wise.
  7. Living in small expensive apartments, moving around the city, driving around the city, not having a yard.
  8. No offense to anyone but you guys make living in the city sound kinda bad. Lol
  9. It all depends on what city you live, I live in Austin and its both appealing to live in the city, or outside the city.

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  10. It doesn't have all the freedoms of country living but the convenience is incredible. Plus lots of stuff to do during the nights.
  11. Yeah that is something I think would be Awesome there ain't shit to do at night in the country all the bars close at 1 am. The only things that stays open 24/7 is food lion,7-11, and wal-mart.
  12. Yeah suburb areas are the same. It's lame. And boring
  13. Yeah it is man. I love living out in the country though. Just for the simple stuff. Like I can walk out on my back porch and almost always see wild life in my back yard bear deer squirrels racoons.
  14. That's how it is for me during the summer. Used to do maintenance and yard work at this camp (indoors) that was 45 minutes from my house in the country. I pretty much live up there in the summer. It's the best. Bonfires and beer is the staple of it
  15. Yeah its great man. Ain't Nothin like it.
  16. I lived in the "country" for 3 years of my childhood. My entire life goal will always be to just own a chunk of land, have living arrangements on it, and just live the rest of my life cultivating a rewarding lifestyle. The cities are full of shitheads and fuckwits, not worth it. I can't stand how many idiot drivers I encounter on my .7 mile drive to my girlfriends place. When my life is in the hands of others, it makes me uncomfortable. For a true man capable of doing things, the country is the ONLY solution.
    Snowmobiles, atvs, dirt bikes, tractors, go karts, shooting guns, shooting more guns, fireworks, camping, constant yard work, eventually learning all of the skills you listed, starry nights, less sound and light polution, fuck. I could go on forever. Different strokes for different folks.
  17. Commiting crimes and catching diseases.
  18. There's plenty to do in the city. It's a busy place. 
    You can call the cops on your neighbors. You can deal with the cops when your neighbors call them on you. You get to ride the judicial system when your kid gets caught riding a skateboard on the cement. You get to pay a healthy ransom for your car when your daughter runs out of gas and gets a ride home from one of her friends. You get to fight traffic when you need to be somewhere. You can have your car pilfered over night. You can have people looking over your fence to see if they disapprove of anything going on. You'll save a lot on ammo because your guns are locked away in secrecy. You get to walk around at least 6 begging hobos every time you leave the house. And for added bonus you really want to live next door to a satanic band.
    Wanna create hysteria among city folks? Shoot your food, gut it and smoke the meat. Or simply take your dog off the leash and let him chase birds and pee on bushes. City folks are real good at circling the wagons.
  19. I usually hang out in shady alleyways around dusk.
    You'll notice me by my black and white pin striped suit and bowler.

    I'll also have a toothpick in my mouth as I flip a nickel lookin for schemes see...
  20. I live in Nashville and downtown is so great to be at! Music every where, everyone is friendly, lots of concerts happen at downtown central. Than again lots of junkies always around trying to steal peoples stuff.

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