What budget friendly led ?!?

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  1. What budget friendly led is good for flowering I’ve been looking for a new light for flowering to step up from my mars 300 any ideas
  2. Quantum boards. Tho, compared to Mars, most brands are a step up.
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  3. Would a hlg 100 do way better I’m trying to get a better yield this light is only good for veg
  4. Watt for watt, it's an insane improvement. But using both would be a good idea obviously. You will not be disappointed with HLG's QBs. I suggest putting it together yourself rather than buying a kit. It's much cheaper and very easy.
  5. I'm curious, when paying the cheaper price to put those QB's together yourself does it require soldering, etc as oppose to buying the kits?
  6. Na man. Takes like 30 seconds.
  7. Nice. Thanks for the reply.
  8. No problem. I'll elaborate a bit.

    Aside from the board and the driver, all you need is a standard power cord and 4 steel leaders (the ones you use for fishing).

    Attach the power cord to the driver, push the 2 cords from the driver into the board (the boards have connecters on them already so no soldering), then attach the steel leaders to the 4 pre-drilled holes on each corner of the board.
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    HLG's QB 144 sets look interesting. $125 USD for 4 x 75W panels from HLG themselves

    Would need a HLG-320H-C2100 or close to that for a driver. About $90-110 USD I usually see them

    And needs heat sinks. Can't find anything on them just yet though. Prob $10-20 a piece or so.

    Probably $300-350 or so when done but it would smoke. You would need to build a light mount, but it would give awesome spread, Samsung top bin diodes giving off beautiful daylight and not blurple.

    How much you want to spend is the biggie?
    EDIT : and how much area are you covering?
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  10. I did a side by side comparison grow with a brand called Maxsisun,up against a BlackDog Phytomax2. The BlackDog is 210 actual watts and the Maxsisun is 276 actual watts. The Maxsisun straight up held it's own in density and trichome production. I was completely impressed. Plus the Maxsisun cost $128 and is adjustable from 1 to 100% on both red and blue spectrums. Dont get me wrong the Blackdog is a great light and doesnt have the blurple look but for the price the Maxsisun performed just as good in my opinion and I really love being able to adjust intensity without raising/lowering. That's just my 2 cents from personal experience.
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  11. I don’t wanna spend over 120 the most so if I can put together a hlg 100 I would love to do that if not I’m most likely gonna buy the hlg 65 and run it side by side in a 2x2

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  12. When I said side by side I meant alongside the mars 300

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  13. I’d rather have a light equivalent to the hlg 100 so I can run it alone in the 2x2 and use the mars for veg

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  14. If you can do the HLG100 option, do that. In a 2x2 it would do well even by itself.

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  15. I love the gravel in the bottom of the drain trays. You just showed me how to easily elevate my plants. Nice work!
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    Oh..haha, nice! Thanks, yeah I'm running wick draw on them too. 3 wicks coming out the bottom, wrapped around in the soil. Then 3/4" of perlite in bottom of each bag to prevent mucking if I fill the res a little high. Gives me a gallon or so of reservoir.

    EDIT : (added pic) found some roots this morning popping right out the bag headed for the big drink below lol!

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