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What are your top 3 strains?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Clampit, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Indica, sativa, doesn't matter, whatever you find were your top three, 1 being the best and three the weakest of the 3.

    Since getting the MMJ dispensary bud they are:

    1.U.K. Cheese
    2.Pink Kush
    3.Sour Diesel.
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  2. Hmm this is hard, but off the top of my head is say

    1. Pink kush
    2. Death bubba
    3. Platinum Girl Scout

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  3. Non medical, non legal state. My three favorite strains are whatever's in my stash at the moment.
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  4. purple trainwreck
    purple trainwreck
    purple trainwreck
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  5. My favorite 3 strains are reggie, reggie, and reggie. Because my dealer never has any good shit anymore. :(
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  6. Interesting.
    A mth ago I bought 1 gm of Trainwreck as a sampler.
    It seemed good. I got high on it.
    So.. 2 weeks ago I bought 4 gms of that and 3.5 gms of Granddaddy O.G. (Indica).
    It seems that this batch of TW isn't as good as the sampler I bought 1 month ago. :(
    I should spent it on the U.K. Cheese that I know is a good score.
    The stuff I got was called plain Trainwreck, so maybe the stuff you got is different.

  7. Man that was me 3 mths or so ago b4 I got the MMJ dispensary member card. :eek2:
    I was asking people outside of bars, people at a warehouse that I knew smoked, they were Jamaican's but no go . I finally asked this older dude that I worked alongside of frequently, and he said sure, but he lived across town (20 miles). That got me some mids, and when he started putting in shake, I called it quits.
    Then I got the brainstorm to ask a past landlady's son, that I heard smoked.
    Bingo, that worked for awhile, but it was low end mids again, with seeds, and I got tired of that too, because I wanted to get high but all this stuff did was tease you and make you smoke every 20 minutes or so. Then I started hanging around a MMJ friendly part of town where it's tolerated, and started buying under weighed (.7 - .8) Kush from the sketchy street ruffians.
    I then turned to Craig's list and that was touch and go, some good some not so good.
    I then decided to take the initiative and go directly to the dispensaries and see what I could find out.
    Bingo, again.
    I soon discovered that since our prime minister declared he was going to decriminalize and subsequently make available marijuana in Canada, the authorities were holding back on enforcing any marijuana laws. They as per the mayor of our city, turned a blind eye and looked the other way. The dispensaries began to pop up like weeds (I know) every where. The dispensaries were hungry for business and discovered they could enlist Naturopaths to conduct on-line skype sessions with patients where the outcome is usually a pass and a membership with that dispensary. Oh and it cost $150 at first, then it dropped to $50, then to $25 if you wanted the card, down to $0.00 if you preferred no card. The card allows you to enter the facility faster by flashing it at the attendant, whereas you would have to line up and have your id verified against the computer record.
    Hope you figure out the puzzle.:)
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  8. purple trainwreck and trainwreck are two different strains. uk cheese is also some good stuff.
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  9. Blue Dream
    Sour Diesel
    OG Kush

    Runner up would be Chemdog. I'm really a big fan of the OG/Diesel/Chem strains or variants because of the amazing hard hitting and awesome stone and lemony and earthy terpenes. They are all balanced strains. The only problem is the yield on some of these strains.
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  10. Deathstar (Doesn't produce good though)
    Gorilla Glue
    Silver Kush

    My Top 3 ATM..
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  11. never had deathstar but thats a kickass name, do you like it better than gorilla glue?
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  12. 100% my favorite strain. Has that dank skunky potent smell and gets me FRIED to the gills. I had to stop growing it because it wasn't the best producer but if I see it around I grab it always.
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  13. damn i have to find some of that
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  14. Purple Mr. Nice
    Cin-X (or Cinex, or however you choose to go about spelling that one)

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  15. Yeah when I grew Blue Dream it did not produce good but the quality was dank. I want to grow some Sour D as that is a classic ass strain how does that produce?
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  16. 1)Headcheese!!(Super rare)
    2)Berry Diesel
    3)Blue Cookies
    4)Beyond Blue Dream

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  17. Durban Poison, Jack Herer, Northern lights
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