What are your Plans for the next 2 Years?

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    As I've probably mentioned before, one of my goals is to move to a more populated city, with about 4 times as many people as where I currently am.

    Now I've also been debating with myself whether I should just go to college.. and, I sort of won that debate against myself. In other words - I wanna go to college after I switch towns, and study computer science.. which should pretty much add to what I already know about computers, as opposed to me coming in and learning everything from scratch.. which is why it would be such a good idea.

    In order to move cities, and more or less survive before everything settles down, I need about $10,000. The average student debt is about $30,000, so I would say I will be ending up with a $50,000 student debt to repay, due to my choice to study computer science, which will take a while.

    I could probably even add a car to the mix for $20,000. I'm not a luxury type girl, but speed is a must. I wouldn't buy a cadillac with diamonds glued all over it.. but I wouldn't buy a rotten, average-looking piece of crap, either.

    For what is worth, the Holden Commodore is what undercover cops drive. People just don't fuck with you if they see one of those cars:

    Holden Commodore Sv6 2007

    All in all, this should make up for a total of $80,000 as a lifetime investment. I used to be tempted to dream about buying a house, but that's just not going to be possible by the end of this century, I'm afraid. It's not unusual for a rat-infested, 3-bedroom house with broken windows to cost you $1,000,000, especially if you live in one of the big cities up north. I think it's time for the middle class to say goodbye to home ownership.

    ..But hey .. at least our generation will be able to experience space tourism.
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  2. I hopefully will be chilling and try to pay off my student loans.Just working and smoking
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  3. I wish they had Holden cars in the US

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  4. Plans? Try to enjoy and protect civilization as long as it lasts...
  5. Want to make god smile. Tell him your plans!

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  6. Paying off a mortgage.
    Do more traveling, especially Europe and Asia.
    My next car is going to be a jeep rubicon.
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  7. Get married and move in with my lady.

    Not in that order, though.
  8. Just to keep working hard and staying humble also buy my dream car Subaru wrx with a shit ton of mods lol

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  9. in 2 years I will be done with my first degree in behavioral neurobiology. it's a fancy term for biology with a neuroscience/psych concentration. at that point i should be starting my second degree, which is a accelerated bachelor's in nursing. since I already have a bio degree, my second degree will only take me 15 months or so. after that, i have to work as a nurse for 1-2 years in the emergency room or intensive care unit as a pre-requisite for my master's degree in nurse anesthesia. after that 2 year master's program i am done with schooling forevaaaaa and have a solid career.

    in 2 years my bf and i will probably be in the same apartment as we are now, since we just moved in here lol. if i had to guess, we'd probably be married by then for sure
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  10. probably go to uni in a couple of years.
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  11. In 2yrs.....

    Year one, this year... I will be working to cover tuition for 2yrs of HRAC ( heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, Electrical, sheet metal and plumbing ) and saving up for a 2017 ninja 650.

    Year 2 will be riding the bike and going to school. And putting what I learn into use for converting a room into a grow op.

    And 3rd year will be the same. Pretty much with the exception of finding a career and moving out to my own place.
  12. I hope to live without needing plans in the next 2 years
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  13. Yep I'm quite a spontaneous wild card too lol.
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  14. Smoke weed

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  15. Jane, buying a car on credit isn't a good idea anytime and especially now before you go to school. Keep your borrowing as close to none as you can. Finding one that's solid mechanically but looks like shit will give you the most for your money. Impress people with your intelligence, not your car. You're considering that $20K as part as a life investment but it's not, it's only a car. Owing money adds stress to your life and this car idea adds stress but gives you nothing but a ride to work. That can be done with a $2,000 car. There must be a way to move for school without borrowing but I don't know your situation so I can't say, just don't borrow unless you absolutely have to and even then don't borrow.
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  16. That's a good question. I have my a.a., but I'm still taking classes at the community college because i don't know what to major in at a university. Plus, i have a chill job at the college I'm at. Id love to go to a rec state, so i can work in a mj factory growing and extracting.
  17. to open up shop
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