What are your plans/dreams for your car?

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  1. i havent seen a thread like this yet so i thought it could be a fun place for people to talk about the things they want to do. i figure if everyone posted what they want from their car we could all motivate each other to stop dreaming about it and start doing it. :hello:

    please post the year make and model of your car.
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    I drive a 93 lexus sc300 RWD luxurious(heavy) sports car.

    i live about 3 hours away from sebring so id like to think that someday my car will be good on the track but it will only ever be as good as i can drive. it weights 3400lbs dry but it has the same chassis as the supra.

    looking at the car from a completely objective standpoint it has potential in theory. its RWD, has a great chassis, and the gas tank is mounted directly over the rear wheels. really the only thing going against it is the weight. but with proper suspension set up that wont be too big of an issue as long as i have enough power and skill to make up for it.

    here is one of the few soarers built purely for track use. as seen it is possible but mine wont be anything like that since it will still be a daily driver.
    [ame=http://vimeo.com/15653292]HOLINGER H6S ~Auto Barn JZZ30 in TSUKUBA~ on Vimeo[/ame]

    i feel like my car could be a complete package if i had enough money to make it so. its an extremely sexy car being one of the first cars to skip 2d designs and go straight to 3d rendering which is why its so much curvier than anything else from the period. has a lot of potential (its common to do a 2jz-gte swap so its essentially a supra) but i plan on doing the JDM spec swap and swap in a 1JZ-GTE. i want to be at around 450-500whp when all is said and done.

    as for looks i really want authentic Vertex kit since Takahiro Ueno (owner of T&E which makes Vertex) inspired me to buy my car and he shares my views on the automotive scene (severely anti knock off). i also want a carbon fiber hood, trunk lid, and doors (doors painted though) to lighten my car (plus i have a CF fetish lol). and possibly a GT wing, havent decided on that yet but that would be the absolute last thing to be done.

    here is as close to what i want my car too look like as i could make in forza (they dont have the wheels i want).


    and as for wheels i would love some bronze work meister S1 3 pieces
    18x10.5 in the rear and 18x9.5 up front.

    yeah. unfortunately my car is still stock and i have $25 to my name :/

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    My car is also bone stock :( I want limo tint all the way, with Corvette c6 rims and pinstriping. As far as engine, it's only a v6, so I don't really care. I have 2 10" subs in the back with 900 watts from the amp. I want to have the interior redone, because the previous owner jacked it up, rips all through the carpet. It's only clocked at 46k miles though, so it's pretty good for a daily driver. I also want to get the honeycomb tail lights off a 98 and put them on. I want to replace all the interior lights with white leds, have a new dash fabbed that is white/ black, instead of black/ red. Also want 6k HID's. I want to stance it a little bit lower, with low profile tires. Oh, and of course a fresh paint job, with out all the rock dings.
    It seems like all my money goes into my truck, which it wouldn't let me post pics of, because I made a thread about it and already posted them.
    It's a '81 Chevy c10 with a 427 big block, a tall deck 350 tranny, a new Eaton TVS supercharger, and Ford 9 inch rear axles (uninstalled)

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  4. that truck sounds beast. that reminds me i also want to restore my interior. but replace the back seats with a roll cage (stiffness and safety plus they look sweet).
  5. There is pics of it on the 2nd page. New drag truck- '81 C10 is the title. It was before the exterior was started getting fixed up and before the supercharger was in. I have yet to do a roll cage also :mad: Need to get around to that. One of my best friend's dad owns a fabrication business, so he's been pretty damn helpful on this, hopefully one more thing he'll do :p haha.
    Don't lose hope on that car though man. Just take it one piece at a time, like the old Johnny Cash song. This is something that's done over years, it just takes patience. Start with the little stuff, then it starts looking like you're making progress, and you don't lose patience with the project and say screw it. I was fortunate enough to be able to do all this at once, but not every one is. Good luck man ;)

  6. for some reason i cant give up on it lol. ive tried... there was a time where i hated that i didnt hate it lol. shitty gas mileage and a really expensive project car. so far ive added wheels but i dont really consider that a mod so i still call it stock. this is pretty much everything ive done so far aside from the sub and replacing a window motor. performance wise its stock, unless you want to count the sticky tires that make it impossible for me to spin the tires... even in the rain... ive tried...

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    I've seen you post that before, haha. I think it was on the "no 1 thng you hate about your car" thread. That was some damn fine work on the bumper for a rattle can.
    I need to do the same thing to my rear bumper. Has a few scratches on it from the lake. Took the wrong road went down it quite a while, then realized it was wrong, kept going to find a place to turn around and came up to a hill and it was too steep of a hill for the car, so I had to reverse about 300 yards to get off. One point a rock scratched it pretty bad.

  8. thanks, my dad did the painting since he has a lot more experience than i do. but we both sanded it down for about 2 hours. sanded the whole thing and had to get rid of all the gashes. some of them so deep that they're still visible but since the whole car needs to be painted its no big deal.
  9. My plan is to sell this:
    And buy this:

    Just waiting for the guy that is selling it to get back to me.
  10. Are you in the Avondale area? I've seen that car. I don't care for Ford, but it's a step up from Hyundai :p haha. Good luck with the buying. You have any other plans for it? I hope one is getting rid of those rims. No offense ;)

  11. No I am kinda far from avondale but I believe the car is located there.

    That was actually my first plan was to get rid of those things and put 17'' chrome cobra's perhaps.. I have no idea why the hell these people put like 20'' rims on these muscle cars and think it's cool. My family has had bad experiences with Ford vehicles, but I was in an accident in a Ford explorer the motherfucker saved my life. So I'm giving them another chance.
  12. I knew I've seen it. I don't get the deal with 18+ inch rims either. That'd be my max. Even then I'd try and stay under it. Glad you're still with us though :D I suppose anything deserves a second chance after saving your life :p

  13. I get crap from coworkers all the time just because its a ford but I do not care... if they sat in the passenger seat they'd change their tune as soon as it starts up.
  14. My plans for my old truck are pretty simple, try to keep it running for as long as possible. It has 250,000 miles and smokes, but I think it's got another 50,000 miles in it. I hope......
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    nice. lower it a bit and get some fat wheels on there and it will be sexy. get some 285+ on the rear man. SLP loudmouth exhaust with headers and a kenne bell supercharger.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EmQSR_to54&feature=related]Supercharged 2004 mustang gt slp loud mouth - YouTube[/ame]

    although i generally dont like ford i want like an 04 cobra or at the very least a GT and swap in the new 5.0 in the GT. i just think that was the best body style for the mustang. please tell me that one your looking at is a manual.
  16. This is my vehicle:

    1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.9
    (fastest SUV in the world in '98, only 15,000 made)



    These are my dreams:

    I'd love to stroke out the 360 to a 408 or 410, get forged internals, and either supercharge or turbo it. It would be ridiculously quick for an SUV after that. Or, instead of stroking the 360, drop in a crate engine and go from there. But of course, these are just dreams and won't happen at $10.50 an hour.

    This is my reality:

    Truck is bone stock. Most people my age in the area drive visually (no performance) modified civics, sunfires, cavaliers, etc. and think they're fast. I love pulling up beside those at a red light and making them race. They always lose miserably :D I'll probably replace all the ignition stuff (plugs, wires, ignition box/whatever), get a new air filter, and redo the exhaust system. I'll probably just replace the cat (get a high flow one with a 3" outlet) and run that in to a flowmaster or magnaflow muffler. I doubt I'll do anything beyond that because, well, I have no money.
  17. For my Ford Bronco, I eventually plan on lifting it up a bit and making it a toy/weekend driver. Plans are a 6 inch suspension lift with a straight axle swapped in the front instead of Ford's TTB, 35 inch tires as well as a prerunner bar on the front bumper. I also want to get it repainted as well as fix my rear bumper.

    As for my Civic, if I decide to keep it I plan on doing a few things to it. I would really like to build up a B18B and go all motor, no boost or VTEC. Probably will lower it a bit with Koni/Ground Control coil overs, new paint and wheels and really thats it. Maybe try and track down a Japanese EF sedan front end. Realistically, Ill probably keep the D16Z6, get some new wheels and buff my paint and make it a nice daily driver.
  18. I don't have any pics of my BNR32 but hopefully the full Veilside C1 kit comes for it soon, Just need to drop the engine back in, get some windows and paint it then its done.
    Pretty keen to do some time attack
  19. 1995 cavalier ls

    My dreams for this car is it gets me to school and back. Hopefully to over 200k also. Or it gets traded for something with 4x4 and a 6 cylinder, I'm asking everybody with a decent jeep with the 4.0 inline 6 to trade. haha. A v6 chev would do the trick also.
  20. If you're looking at Jeeps, you might as well look for something with a V8 - there's hardly a difference in gas mileage between the inline 6 and 5.2 or 4.7 V8.

    Good luck getting someone to trade a Jeep for a Cavalier :laughing:

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