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What are your pick-ups in Georgia?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PurpleDino, May 30, 2009.

  1. I stay in Ga. and i wanted to know the prices you get for your pick-ups.

    Around Gwinnett i personally have never seen FIRE.

    Like ive only seen strains MAYBE 1-2 times a month.
  2. You need better hookups, Atlanta is one of the drug capitals of America.

    Exotics: 20-25 (gram((25 right now because of price increase for some wierd reason))
    No named dank: 15 (gram)
    High mids: 10 (gram)
    Mids: 5 (gram)
  3. that's what i get. but exotics around here have the dumbest names ever.
    also im in high school so a lot of the deals are sketch around here.

    AND YOU CAN BE 18 and in highschool. MOST PEOPLE ARE! :cool:
  4. Drive up to downtown Atlanta go to Chastain park look for some people that look like smokers and ask for a number. If that doesn't work walk around downtown and you will be 90% guaranteed some one asks if you wanna buy a dime.
  5. damn. downtown? shit that's like an hour drive both ways. 1 hr for some bud imo is not worth it unless i'm buying Oz.s or pounds.

    On top of that i wouldn't want to carry that much for a long drive. Its hella sketch.
  6. #6 uRbAnDieSeL*ATL, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009

    Expect to be hella taxed and a short sack if you don't have a good relationship with whom you're buyin from. Drought has lots of dealers pullin BS moves.

    This is what I've been charged lately..

    exotics/namebrand - 450 whole, 250 half
    dro - 45 1/8
    mid - 100 onion, 350 cutie pie, 650 hp. Here's prices of small mid sacks (even though I don't bother, lol): 15-20 1/8, 25-35 quarter, 55-65 half, 110-120 onion.

    It may seem hard to find good buds here in the A, but it's all about who you know., and trust me there is some amazing bud here :smoke:

    edit: never been to Chastain Park, but chill up in Little 5 for a bit, you're bound to find someone there quickly.
    edit edit: re-read ya last post and saw you weren't interested in weight.

  7. This is about right. I got a gram of Trainwreck today for $25. There is A LOT of exotic going around the Athens area. Purple Kush, Blockhead, Mazar X Mango, Strawberry Cough, Ice Princess; the list goes on... All about $425/oz.
  8. haha where in Gwinnett? i live in dacula (near buford)

    and yeah sometimes we get dank shit, but it really depends, its funny though, sometimes the weed is really high grade then the next day its just your average mids :)
  9. those are the prices i get charged but its pretty damn easy to find bud in dacula cause everyone here thinks there a pot dealer:rolleyes:

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