What are your perceptions on families who smoke together?

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  1. I smoked yesterday in a house (as I almost always do. I'm a VERY careful smoker ever since we saw that cop....) but instead of smoking in some kids room with an open window... We sat in the kitchen rolling acouple of blunts. The mom was right over there. The little kid was on his trike too.

    My friend kept telling me that it was almost unsettling. Felt like we were on an anti-pot commercial with that little kid on his trike riding over and then just moving away.... lol

    It was nice though. Just...bizzare. surreal. is the word I'd use.
  2. I don't understand why you thought it bizarre. Sounds like you've got a negative view on marijuana if smoking with someone's family unsettled you or your friend. I don't think little kids should be around just because you don't want them to mention it at school or anything, depends on how old they are I guess.

    Family dat smokes together, coughs together lol.
  3. I'm not saying it wasn't right.

    It was just surreal for me and my friend, because we have to keep this stuff hidden from our families. his family=nutty. My family=conservative.

    So smoking with a family was just a new and really surreal experience.

    Edit: I think it's fair to say that I've only been smoking for about five or six months now. And most of those times are in my truck where we have to bring some cologne spray to cover up the smell. Hide the evidence and shit like that.
  4. Ah you haven't smokin' all that long then i can see why it would be strange. Even when I first started smokin, it was a natural thing for me cause a lot of people in my family on both sides smoke.
  5. nowhere near normal for now I was raised. Neither of my parents smoke reefer, my dads a drinker and a smoker though. I mean, I got friends whose parents are olllddd hippy stoners but Im not used to smoking with parents at all.
  6. ive blazed with my rents, friends parents, and random older people..

    its nothing weird imo. i can tell my parents anything and they wouldnt get mad, and just recently we smoked together.. the whole reason we got into arguments was because i had to lie all the time to go smoke. so the lies pissed them off, i said why cant i just smoke here so we can stop fighting all the time.

    and bam!

    its only as weird as you make it.
  7. I smoked with my parents (both hippies), but not all the time, and not in huge amounts. I tend to dislike when parents condone daily smoking of large quantities.

    I think that parents should help their kids thrive in the world, and lets face it; society today demonizes cannabis. I would smoke occasionally with my folks, and they told me the good aspects of cannabis use, but they would also warn me about over consumption, and how society viewed it. I believe those teaching gave me a good outlook on drug use.
  8. when i was 16 i took shots with my friend and his parents it was weird as shit lol

  9. sounds weird, i personally don't like my father high, he's slow as fuck but very generous.
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    ive smoked with my friends family, but neither of my parents aprove of smoking and my bro knows i smoke but he doesnt. ive smoked with my brother once, the only time he's ever smoked. but thats the only time ive smoked with someone in my family.
    edit: sorry forgot what i was gonna say, im high as shit. smoking with family would be cool it seems like, but it'd probly be so wierd just because im not used to my parents being chill ever. it might not be though, i dont think ill find out.
  11. I smoke with both of my parents, they're divorced so its never at the same time. i thought it was weird at first until i realized there both bigger pot heads than me, so now we always hit the bowl before holiday gatherings and such
  12. Sounds like my house growing up. My parents never smoked with us (but they had smoked when they were younger) and were completely fine with us smoking in the house because they knew we would be safe, and they would be able to keep an eye on us.
  13. the poll options were too vague. families that smoke together are not what society accepts as normal but that doesn't mean it's necessarily bad, thus making it surreal for me, but not off-putting. all families are dysfunctional but if a family smoked together i guess they would've reached a point of such dysfunction that instead of fighting it they just embrace it. and there's nothing nicer than a whole family embracing one thing, imo
  14. ive smoked with my friends mom and its just weird. she just made me feel hella uncomfortable, i mean shes cool and all but it was just TOO weird
  15. I can only dream of how normal I would be if my parents smoked weed instead of cigarettes.
  16. my parents are generally cool and i've smoked with them, well mostly my dad, more than a few times. i don't like it though, it makes me feel uncomfortable.
  17. My family smokes together all the time when I go there for a weekend. But they won't smoke with any of my friends. I can understand them, but sometimes they are just too paranoid about the whole thing.
  18. Both my parents know I smoke. My mom is a regular smoker, my dad occasionally. I've never smoked with either of them, to be honest it seems like it would be kind of awkward. My mom did ask me to tell her about the pot in Amsterdam though, she was interested. Someday....
  19. My parents...they would be transmorgrified if they smoked.

    My mom's stress would dissipate.

    My dad's dumbassery....well sometimes there is no cure :rolleyes: but he still needs it lol.

    God I really want to get my dogs high..
    especially the younger one. She's probably never even smelled weed, but when I let her outside she runs around the hosue three to four times at least. She's a sweet dog but ALOT of young energy.

    Dude...can anyone tell me what would happen if I got that dog of mine high???? I HAVE to know but I will probably never find out unless I dragged her with me while I was hotboxing....
    you know what. I'm going to do that.
    But still can somone tell me what could happen?
    I have never been around a high animal. but I did see a youtube video...
    omg. I'm going to buy a nick and let her eat some one night
    I'm so excited.
    I got to invite my friend over to see
    or make a video
    So fucking excited for this.
    anyway, can someone answer my question? haha
  20. Ok you said it is surreal for you?
    Well there you go that is EXACTLY what I put up there.
    If it is surreal then it could be off putting.
    Even so I did not say "surreal and off-putting"
    I used a slash.
    as in "or" not "and"

    Semantics semantics dude...

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