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What are your most desired strains??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tomshark, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. What strains would you guys love to smoke but have not had the chance to yet??

    For me, I can't wait to try: Chemdawg, green crack (although I have an issue with the strain name.. negative connotation), headband, super silver haze, cheese, blue cheese, G13, all sativas!!
  2. I've heard lots of good things with green crack, thats at the top of my list. also white rhino.

    but i'll forever love my constant supply of purps
  3. What I want to try but haven't tried:

    OG Kush
    Grandaddy Purple
    Super Silver Haze
  4. skywalker
    white rhino
    Blue Dragon
  5. casey jones
    panama red X c99
    sensi star
  6. Durban Poison
    Cherry Bomb
    Green Velvet
    Redwood Kush

  7. I bought a quarter of super silver haze once. costed me $125. it had promethazine in it though, so it was a pretty good deal. best weed ive ever smoked, hands down. the high was so intense. shit started moving. cant wait to get some more.

  8. I have some cherry bomb right now. have 4 big nugs left. ill throw some pictures of it upwhen i get a new cam. its def. one of the best all around smokes out there.
  9. Headband
    AK 47

    My favorite strain to this date is Sour Diesel, sativa is the bomb, i've never been able to enjoy any indica strain as much after i tried it. I mean, i still love indica, but since i tried Sour D, it's not been the same.

    Sativa :love:
  10. actually haven't tried any purple strains, I would love to get a hold of some but it's hard to get some.

  11. Funny, since I got my card, ive had every strain on your list except for the Blue Cheese and the G13. And BTW Chemdawg is one of my top favorites so get excited :D actually i had some Blueberry Chemdog that was even better.

    Some that i'm waiting to try are witchcraft, arctic sun, lightstorm, and black death.
  12. Durban poison and Strawberry cough. I WILL harvest these one day.
  13. Durban Poison
    Strawberry Cough
    SuperSilver Haze

    My friend got some purple kush a couple of weekends ago. I was a one toke wonder that night...
  14. Blue Dream
    Green Crack
    Fire OG
    Blackberry kush

  15. Really it had cough syrup medicine in it?:confused:

  16. green crack
    strawberry cough
    super silver haze
    g 13

    ive tried alot but these are the strains never ever around in south houston.

    ive had blue cheese and the shyt was rediculous hairy, pretty good. blue dreams was also pretty good. Man i have heard amazing shyt about strawberry cough and green crack.
    and a friend has cherry bomb so im thinkin about buying an eigth or something.

  17. [​IMG]
    "Don't think about it, do it!"

  18. my friend told me about that casey jones. said its insane.

    strawberry cough
    green crack
    thunder fuck
    legit purple haze
    g13xlemon haze

  19. Its not like you could taste it or anything. it just makes you more high.
  20. strawberry cough <- cant find this shit anywhere!!
    white widow
    blue moonshine

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