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~What Are Your Favourite Things To Do When You're High?~

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Titch, May 19, 2012.

  1. #1 Titch, May 19, 2012
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    Ok I'll start off:

    • Smoking more weed
    • Eating as much food as I can, mainly Frosties and Doritos
    • Listening to music with headphones on, or playing it through surround-sound :cool:
    • Smoking more weed :smoke:
    • Playing GTA SA
    • Depending how high I am, doing shit I need to do, running errands etc
    • Seeing my girlfriend :ey:
    • Finally, smoking more weed

    Let's keep this going! Go Go Go! :hello:
  2. Everything!
  3. Prawn crackers are awesome :D
  4. I like playing GTA. That's pretty much all I do. Sometimes I go tend the garden, or play some minecraft. Or cook delicious food
  5. I like to drink beer.
  6. Lay around and act like a vegetable.
  7. Post in threads like this :yay:

    Really though, hike I guess
    San Andreas was always my favorite too. I'd say my top 3 are:

    -Listen to music/find new music
    -Watch cartoons from when I was a kid
  8. Go swimming, ride a bike with headphones in, quad rides, everything that is usually fun is AMAZINGLY fun high....
  9. majority of your things sound like my vices. :smoke:

    Music is cool though. :cool:
  10. #12 ermergerd, May 20, 2012
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    listening to music with headphones on. with great bass.
    play mario kart wii
    drink coke, over ice in a glass, with a straw.
    smoke a cigarette
    eat hot fudge and ice cream
    watch my cats after i give them catnip

    eta - hi, by the way, i am emg. long time lurker first time poster. :)
  11. Soulful music. Be by myself (may seem weird).
  12. Oh yeah, I also like browsing marijuana forums. They get boring after like 15 mins so then I usually just rub one out and fall asleep.
  13. Listening to music
    Making music
    Gaming (especially old school gaming, like Genesis or 64)
    Browsing the web
    Learning about science (especially meteorology and the universe/space/other planets) Tracking tropical weather (during hurricane season)
    Jamming on drums/guitar/viola
    Exercising (including masturbating)
    Singing to my pets
    Being in nature
    Watching random tv shows
    Wishing I had time for a relationship and less damn hobbies
    And finally: Smoking more weed and doing it all again!! :hello:
  14. Angry birds all the things
  15. i enjoy listening to music, playing guitar, thinking, eating, kissing my girlfriend and going outside. skateboarding can be fun but not when i'm toooooooo high.

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