What are your favorite South American countries?

Discussion in 'General' started by nom de guerre, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Quitting my job and moving there in 8-10 months (I have to give 5 months notice). I'm open to suggestions outside of South America but they have to be tropical or at least have good weather for most of the year.
  2. im from ecaudor.. so yeA!!! quito!!
  3. Peru and Costa Rica
  4. I have been reading some about Colombia recently and its supposed to be nice and cheap. You just need to do research on what area are controlled by the FARC.

    What has you set on South America?

    There is a guy in here from Paraguay that might chime in.
  5. Costa Rica is to expensive.
  6. I lived there for four years, and it really is not.
  7. I'm opening a business and have investors so cost is not too concerning at this point. I don't really know much about South America but I have extensive knowledge in the fitness tourism industry so it is really just a matter of choosing a country. Everything else will fall into place.

    Where ever I throw down the main facility is where my family and I will retire. I guess I'm just looking for personal preferences.

    Ecaudor, Peru and Costa Rica are high on my list. So far Costa Rica seems to fit my plan because I have contacts there.
  8. Thanks I'll look into that.

    Gut feeling has me thinking I should move there. Had the same feeling 4 years ago when I came to Thailand...I just go with the flow and hope for the best. I could lose a lot of money on this project if I'm not careful though.:smoke:
  9. panama has a new retirement program for expats. they are offering a bunch of incentives for people to move there. you probably cant retire yet but this means a growth in there population that could be future clients for you.

    how long ago did you live there? i'm in CR now and its not bargain cheap by any means.
  10. That's really interesting. What are the countries to avoid in your opinion? I'm doing my own reading of course but my main concern first and foremost is corruption. I do not want to pay long-standing (or any) bribes to police or government officials. I will not be doing anything illegal but lets just say I'm well versed in paying people off and this would really set me back. I will be catering to military so everything needs to be transparent.

    What are you doing in Costa Rica?
  11. Chile/Agrentian

    Haven't been either place, but I desperately want to visit Patagonia one day, looks to be one of the most beautiful natural places left on this earth
  12. I'm hanging out for a couple months.

    i thought you were making a business for the fitness tourism industry.

    Your catering to military? Costa Rica dosnt have a military.
  13. We have military personnel training with us as civilians very frequently and 2 of my partners are ex-marines. Just another niche we cater to (along with athletes, fighters, students, house moms, etc).

    Yeah I was looking at Argentina but marketing wise it's not a good choice for what we're going to do. :(
  14. Brazil..I mean why would any man choose otherwise?

    Id retire in brazil and just get high at the beach and be an old geezer yellin obsceneties at the fine women there.
  15. Belize. They speak English there.
  16. I've always wanted to visit Brazil. The women there are so ethereally beautiful. Every Brazilian girl I've met was drop dead gorgeous.

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