What are your bed stats?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brahski, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Queen sized BUNK BED yeah it's gay as hell but I get to have a couch underneath
  2. King size, down comforter, elastic bedsheet thingy, bedsheet that goes under the blanket, and 2 fleece blankets :) and i got a rope light attached around the whole bed, its so awesome.
  3. Queen Sized pillow top, Egyptian cotton sheets, down comforter, 4 pillows, another quilt... my bed is so comfy.
  4. I got a king sized bed with like 7 full sized pillows (4 of which are bad ass goose feather pillows). I have a goose down comforter and bad ass sheets and pillow cases. (cant remember the thread count, but its really high.) :D


    Yeah its egyptian cotton too.
  5. In case you guys forgot...uh huh, this my shit. :smoke:

  6. i sleep standing up.
    nuff said.
  7. brought the hammock in inside and been sleeping in that for little less than a week, pretty damn comfy
  8. hammocks are the shit
  9. especially since you can still sleep on your stomach with morning wood
  10. futon small blanket and a pillow
  11. king size
    1 sheet 2 blankets

    2 pillows for me, 1 for my cat
    weed crumbs all over my bed :smoke:

  12. I've added a fluffy lime green pillow to the mix lmfao...my son uses it for movie nights and when he sleeps in my bed
  13. queen size. 3 pillows. 1 comforter and 1 smaller blanket. pipe and weed. 1 girlfriend.
  14. I have a california king, 6 pillows, two sheets, one blanket, a down comforter, and my great dane :]]
  15. Futon with 2 pillows and a feather down blanket
  16. ive got a really nice flodng sleeping pad (like 4 inch foam with leather and a carry strap)
    1 full length thermarest pro
    1 shortie thermarest
    1 closed cell foam zmat style thermarest
    0 degree synethric mountain hardware sleeping bag
    30 degree ultralight northface sleeping bag
    outdoor reasearch gortex bivy sac
    rei halfdome 2

    at home its just a matrees with a sheet, a pile of pillows (with some handmade pillow cases) and a sleeping bag
  17. queen tempur 4 pillows a sheet and light blanket
  18. Twin size with the standard fitted sheet, sheet and comforter (laugh if you want, small beds make those cold nights extremely intimate though)
    2 inch thick memory foam cover on my mattress
    i have 2 pillows, one feather and one memory foam
    My sheets are stained gray from all the ashes i've dropped on it, I should quit wake and baking while still in bed lol

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