What are your bed stats?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brahski, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I have a queen size bed.

    Four pillows, and five blankets. It gets fucking cold and having five blankets is the shit.
  2. 7.5 inche... oh, I see.

    Queen size I think. Two pillows, one sheet, one comforter. Who needs more than that. :D
  3. King Size Bed, 4 feather pillows, and feather bottom blanket thingy. :smoke:
  4. 5x5 ft concrete slab.

    Pinestraw bedspread.
  5. Queen sized bed and one bed comforter (it's not cold enough for blankets yet). Two big pillows and a small hello kitty one.
  6. Queen-sized bed, two blankets, one pillow. It's like a bunk bed though, there's a single bed above my queen-sized one.
  7. A couch, pillow, and a comforter. You guys are pampered.
  8. Twin size bed, 1 pillow, 4 quilts, 2 comforters, 1 wool afghan
  9. I used to sleep on my couch too but I got a new leather one and it's too short to lie down on.
  10. I thought this thread was going to be dirty. :eek:

    3 Pillows, a huge ass soft blanket, and I don't actually know the size of my bed, between twin and queen I guess??
  11. Just this summer me and my girl were bought a 1500 buck pillow top queen size mattress with a 200 buck comforter "set?" I don't know, some bed in a bag shit from bed bath and beyond. Her family is tits.

    We also have a pillow top (double?) bed. Basically a one person.

    I don't know, maybe 6ish pillows total?

    I'm home for the moment sleeping on a twin from maybe the 80s that is hard as rock. It sucks after being spoiled.

    Bed's are important to me these days.
  12. Idk, I really hate pillows. I think that most of them disrupt the natural curvature of the spine if your a side sleeper like me. I have one nice pillow, but I usually end up pushing it to the side after a few minutes.
  13. King size orgnic latex mattress, 7 pillows, down comforter. I'm a princess.

  14. 7 pillows?!

    Do you have room to lie down? :p

  15. Sounds like it!

    Enjoy your sleeping arrangements.
  16. queen size with 4 pillows and 3 blankets
  17. I sleep on my couch in a Mummy Bag.

    I have a bed, but don't really enjoy sleeping in it.

  18. What's not to enjoy from a mummy bag?! They are tits.
  19. Queen pillowtop matress with Jersey sheets. I love it but i need to find a bed where my legs dont hang off the end...
  20. 6 by 3, wooden, single person, one pillow no sheets.

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