What are your bed stats?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brahski, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. my beds come equipped with a king size, duve feather covers, some cheap linens and my bong
  2. I have a full sized bed but currently that's against the wall and my futon against that. I needed more space! :D 4 pillows, 1 blanket.

  3. It's like, a thick blanket, 2 sheet like pieces of material are sewn together and stuffed with either cotton, or down, or down alternative, and then some have quilt like patterns to keep the inside stuff from bunching up

  4. :laughing: Thanks.
  5. love what you did with the decorations! but where is your computer that you use to go on GC??

    lol but seriously is this pic real?

    oh & I guess I'll put my stats... since I'm always over at my bf's I'll just give his glorious bed stats :cool:

    a sweet ass queen foam mattress that is seriously heaven to sleep on.. never want to leave that thing! Dangerous for us to watch tv on tho.. always fall asleep in like 5 minutes :p I think we have like 5 or 6 different pillows, some are part of his bed set & others... I'm not sure where they came from?? Most of them usually end up on the floor during the night tho. Right now only a sheet on the bed it is waaaay too fucking hot for anything else right now. But for when it does get cold we have a fancy down comforter & flannel sheets that are amazingly soft! ;)
  6. Twin bed, quilt, two pillows.

    That's it.
  7. showoff

  8. Envy :p
  9. Ive slept on the floor since like 6th grade or so. I think its cuz my rents wanted me to make the bed everyday and i was like fucc that i sleep in it every night and have to unmake it so i started sleepin on the floor so my bed would stay pristine for them.

    Now i never sleep very well in beds which gets aggravating when yer with the females and they are all about huge pillowy beds n snugglin all night and in the morn, fucc that gimme a nut and a sheet, ima sleep on the floor
  10. Black queen size ikea bed (that has a second softer mattress that goes on top), king size comforter, 4-6 pillows, all my bed sheets are black, and all my pillowcases and comforter covers are black and white.
    My bed is just like this one:

    But me and my boy often end up falling sleeping on our fold out couch bed watching movies anyway. :p
  11. very much so ;)
  12. Queen bed. Egyption cotton sheets and comforter. Two Pillows. No headboard or footboard or anything.
  13. haha, yeah. it's totally real and I decorated it all by myself, thank you. :D

    In fact, though, that was my summer vacation home and I have since moved on. As you probably noticed since it wasn't a WiFi friendly area.
    I suppose now that my cover is blown I should repost my up to date stats. :/
  14. I cant believe no one else has a water bed.
    I have a king sized one and its the shit.
    2 - 3 blankets
    2 body pillows
    It is near impossible to get out of in the winter.

    Edit: Spelling
  15. Queen sized bed, with a very warm blue blanket. Black satin sheets and pillows. I also have like 12 pillows cause I like support knawmsayIn?

    rate of female satisfaction: 100%
  17. damn homie dont fall outta bed you might break your face.

  18. and whats the rate of male satisfaction?

    I haz a latter and a chain holding me in lol.
  19. 95% but only 1 male is held accountable

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